Logo Design Tips for Your Next Berber Mat

The Berber logo mat is one of the industry’s most popular entrance mats. The mat itself is made of an extremely resilient material that features a well known Berber pattern that is familiar yet assuring. The high-low design is not only aggressive in cleaning dirt and debris from shoes, but also highly effective in trapping moisture from rain, spills, and other sources. The Berber logo mat is an essential for workplaces that want to improve health and safety, without sacrificing an ounce of curb appeal.

At a glance. There are many reasons why banks, hotels, and commercial business buildings choose to retrofit entryways with Berber logo mats. Here are a few:

1. Front-to-back strength. On top, tough polypropylene texture provides superior cleaning ability. On the flip side, a non-skid rubber backing keeps the mat firmly in place.
2. Weatherproof design. Because Berber logo mats are made with polypropylene and rubber, they are effective both indoors and outdoors.
3. Variable thickness. A variety of thicknesses are available to suit individual facility needs.
4. Compression-resistant fibers. Berber mats stay strong through hours, days, and months of use.
5. Precise logo placement. Berber logo mats are designed by a graphic artist who uses special laser cuts to insert the logo directly into the mat.

Logo design tips

There are a few general things to keep in mind when submitting a design for a new Berber mat. They include:

Think simply. Berber logos are best when kept simple, clear, and coherent. For more complex designs that include numerous colors, shadows, and graphic effects, choose a digitally printed mat like the Graphic Impressions Logo.

Consider orientation. Choose between a landscape or portrait orientation for your design. Typically, this choice is based on the area the logo mat will occupy. For large rectangular areas that are wider than they are deep, a logo with a landscape orientation is usually best. For more narrow entryways, the mat will likely be deeper than it is wide. These applications call for a portrait orientation.

Remember: Consistent design. Make sure logo mats match the company’s existing color scheme, logo design, and overall brand image. If your business is still developing these things, take the opportunity to find color combinations and design a simple logo from scratch. Tips can be found in the video below.

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