How to Select the Best Custom Floor Mat for Your Project

How to Select the Best Custom Floor Mat for Your Project

We’ve mentioned before the idea of using logo mats. Logo mats are often used as part of a bigger marketing plan and branding strategy to make your company’s name or logo stay in the mind of your customer or client.

But there are lots of other uses for custom floor mats. Just because they are called “logo” mats doesn’t mean that a logo is the only thing you can print on them.

There’s no limit to what can be printed on a logo mat. Artwork, text, funny sayings or quotes, photos, anything. That means you can use custom floor (logo) mats in all kinds of creative ways.

Logo mats can be made with every color and crisp designs. They can have shading, fading, textual effects, and even 3D imaging.

Here are some ideas:

1. Create a custom mat (or several) with the label of some product that you have on special in your store. Place the mats around the store at strategic locations to create interest in the specific product.

2. Create a custom mat to reflect seasonal or holiday art or sentiment. Going the extra mile to create some mats that are fun is great for office morale. You need the mats anyway, so why not spread some cheer around the office.

3. Give some thought to how the mat will be used. There are several different types of logo (custom) mats, and, for example, if you’re putting one by the front door, that’s going to get a lot of wet foot traffic, you may want to choose a different type than one that is just for advertising a product. Waterhog Logo Mats would be great for that type of application.

4. There are even Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Logo Mats that can be used where someone will be standing on them a lot. You could put those in front of the reception desk at a doctor’s office. People can stand comfortably on them all day, and the design will still look bright.

Think outside the box for your custom logo mats. Think about all the interesting places you can put them, and also how they will be used. Because there are many types to choose from, and we want you to make the best choice.

If you’re thinking about trying out some custom mats, contact us, and let us help you choose them.

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