Recipe For Disaster: Slips and Falls Are Constant Risks In Restaurants

Recipe For Disaster: Slips and Falls Are Constant Risks In Restaurants

When a busy restaurant kitchen is firing on all cylinders, with chefs, sous chefs, waiters, bussers, dishwashers, and other staff seamlessly working together, it can be a thing of beauty. But all of those people dashing around crowded areas full of food, liquids, and other items that can quickly end up on a wet, greasy, and sticky floor, often while precariously carrying plates and glasses, is a recipe for disaster. Unless those in charge of commercial kitchens take some basic safety measures to prevent slips or trips and falls, they can wind up with problems a lot more serious than egg on their face.

Spills May Be Inevitable In The Kitchen, But Falls Aren’t

Whether caused by equipment or those doing the cooking and prepping, food and liquid falling on the floor is perhaps the biggest culprit in commercial kitchen slips and falls. While you won’t find a restaurant in the world that keeps every drop and morsel from hitting the ground, you will find good ones doing things to prevent spills from occurring and remedying them when they do. This includes:

  • Properly maintaining cooking and food preparation equipment to avoid any leaks or spills.
  • Ensuring that the kitchen is well-lit to avoid any dark corners that may have floor surface spillage.
  • Keeping a well-organized kitchen with all ingredients, spices, and condiments in spill-safe and tight containers.
  • Preventing cooking food from boiling over and spilling all over the floor.
  • Having staff cover their pots, pans, and other containers, especially when carrying them to and from the kitchen.
  • Refraining from cooking procedures that may cause messes and spills near entrances and exits.
  • Cleaning up messes and food spills as soon as they occur, or placing caution signs if they cannot be cleaned sooner.
  • Avoiding mopping floors during busy kitchen hours.

Custom Kitchen Floor Mats Provide Safety, Traction, and Durability

As noted, however, kitchen floors will endure spills no matter how much effort goes into avoiding them. The key is preventing the likelihood of falls arising from such spills. And that means kitchen mats specially designed to deal with food debris and moisture management, that can provide drainage in wet areas, and that facilitate safe traffic.

At Eagle Mat & Floor Products, we offer a wide range of industrial and commercial kitchen floor mats that can improve traction and reduce fatigue for restaurant workers who spend all day on their feet. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you improve your kitchen’s safety and efficiency with durable, effective kitchen floor mats, contact us today at 1-877-333-1018 to speak with a member of our knowledgeable sales team.