Commercial Anti-Static Floor Mats: Everything to Know

Commercial Anti-Static Floor Mats

Commercial Anti-Static Floor Mats are essential in preventing shock and electrical damage. Almost all business operations require the use of high voltage machinery. Proper management of electrical discharge is necessary to prevent damage to both equipment and employees. In particular, Static Dissipative Matting protect electronic equipment from such electrical discharge.

Anti-Static Floor Mats ensure employee safety and accident prevention are both top priorities. At Eagle Mat, we proudly offer Anti-Static Floor Mats that protect both people and machines. Our Non-Conductive Switchboard Mats and Static Dissipative Floor Mats are cost effective ways to prevent accidents.

We carry Non-Conductive Mats, also referred to as “Switchboard Matting”, which insulate people and protects them from high voltage equipment that can produce high voltage and deadly shocks. These mats are capable of absorbing over 30,000 volts!

Additionally, our sleek collection of Static Dissipative Mats (Conductive Mats) are designed to protect sensitive technology, equipment, and machinery. These remove the static electricity from a person before they touch sensitive items, such as computers, manufacturing devices or explosive chemicals.

While both are designed for the safety and protection of people and equipment, Switchboard Mats are often used for when people are near high voltage and in dangerous situations. In contrast, Static Dissipative Mats are used more so around sensitive equipment that needs to be protected from electrical shortages or malfunctions.

Here is a list of our most popular anti-static floor matting:

Corrugated Switchboard Mat

This mat protects your employees from deadly electrical shock! Corrugated Switchboard Mats come in 3/16″, 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ thicknesses and provides effective insulation against up to 50,000 volts of electrical current! Shop this floor mat directly on our website.

Smooth Military Performance Switchboard Mat

Designed with Military standards in mind, Smooth Military Performance Switchboard Mats are non-conductive and capable of providing protection against up to 30,000 volts. Shop this floor mat directly on our website.

Marbleized Military Performance Switchboard Mat

Our popular Military Performance Switchboard matting now has an all-new marble top surface!  Designed for permanent installation, this product meets strict Mil. Spec 15562-F Amend. 3, Type I requirements. This mat insulates and protects against up to 30,000 volts, marble surface is smooth, comfortable underfoot, and easy to keep clean! Shop this floor mat directly on our website.

Static Dissipative Anti-Fatigue Mat

Combine comfort with static dissipation, and you will have our collection of Static Dissipative Anti-Fatigue Mats!  Perfect for use in commercial and manufacturing areas where comfort and safety are priority.

For more details and other products, check out our full collection of Commercial Anti-Static Floor Mats here.