Stairway Safety at Your Place of Business

Stairway SafetyThere are all kinds of laws that govern safety in the workplace. In the US, the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration spells out a number of rules about stairways including 1926.1052(a)(7) “Slippery conditions on stairways shall be eliminated before the stairways are used to reach other levels.”

This particular rule is easy to implement by putting mats at the entrances to stairways. If you put down a mat that removes water, snow, debris, and dirt from the shoes of those walking steps, you can provide better traction in the stairwell and cut down on accidents.

Mats will also help to keep the stairwell cleaner by preventing water and dirt from being tracked everywhere. This cuts down on the work required for the maintenance crew. A cleaner stairwell looks a lot better, too.

Mats that we would recommend for the entrances to stairwells are Waterhog Mats that are specifically designed to absorb and channel away a lot of water or Entrance Mats that will not only absorb water but will also absorb dirt and scrape debris off of shoes.

The next big thing you can do to increase traction in your stairwells and decrease the incidence of slips, trips, and falls is to add stair treads, and—don’t worry—we have all kinds. We have rubber, vinyl, and aluminum stair treads that all come in several colors.

The installation varies depending on the type of stair tread that you choose and what your stairs are made of. Some are installed with contact cement, and others can be pre-drilled and installed with screws.

There are stair treads that are designed for indoor use and others designed for outdoor use. Some are designed for both.

The only thing worse than falling on a floor is falling in a stairwell and tumbling down the stairs. It’s so easy to make your stairwells safer. Let us help you increase the safety at your place of business. Accidents cost money. Prevention of accidents is always good business.

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