How to Clean & Maintain Waterhog Floor Mats

How to Clean & Maintain Waterhog Floor Mats

As you probably know, we have tons of different commercial mats. But we love our Waterhog mats. These are the industry standard for commercial use in areas where the foot traffic is going to be really wet.

Any business in a wet weather area should have these mats at the entrance to their business premises.

Waterhog mats come in nine different colors, trap 1.5 gallons of water per square yard, and are all made in the USA.

So, one question we get a lot is: How do you clean Waterhog Mats?

The simple answer is you clean them a lot like you would other mats, but below is more information on how to properly clean and maintain Waterhog floor mats specifically…

Dry Mats

If the mat is dry, you should first shake it out, then vacuum it with a commercial or industrial vacuum that has much more power than a residential one. (Always close your eyes when you’re shaking out mats, so you don’t get any dirt or dust in your eyes.)

Dry mats in use should be shaken out and vacuumed at least once a day. If the mats are getting really dirty from heavy traffic, then shake them out and vacuum them more than once a day.

Wet Mats

Wet Waterhog mats, or dry ones that need a more thorough cleaning, should be hosed off. Incline the mat slightly, if possible, and use a strong jet (not a power washer) to hose them down from one end to the other.

It’s probably not necessary, but you can also use some shampoo when you’re hosing them down, and you can steam clean them. Then lay them flat to dry.

Keep Your Mats Clean

Clean mats will always perform better than dirty ones. So, make sure to clean your mats on a regular basis and have enough mats, so you can switch out dirty ones that need attention with clean ones.

Mats will take several hours to dry, so you need another mat to take its place while the first mat is drying.

Mats are an easy and inexpensive way to make any space safer. Mats increase traction, prevent dirt and water from being tracked through your space, and Waterhog mats actually trap water within the mat.

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