How to Reduce Contamination With a Clean Room Sticky Mat

How Workplace Floor Mats Help Disinfect Shoes

Sticky mats are a very effective way to prevent the spread of contaminants. Sticky mats are designed to be placed outside the doorway to an area that you are trying to keep super clean. In one study, sticky mats outside a hospital’s burn unit removed 56% of pathogens on visitors’ shoes from entering the unit—which […]

Waterhog Mats to the Rescue

3 Best Reasons to Choose Waterhog Floor Mats

In November of 2018, looking at the statistics for the past 100 years, precipitation was above average across the US, with some areas on the east coast having record-setting highs. While some areas also have plenty of rain in the spring, the problem with winter precipitation is that it’s extra slippery because of snow, sleet, […]