Minimizing the Risk of Slip and Fall Accidents

Do you worry about the safety of your workspace and your employees’ health? Many business owners, property managers and facility specialists share the same concerns over the well-being of employees, customers and visitors, but being proactive can help diminish the probability of slip and fall accidents and the potential lawsuits that follow.

Use the following strategies in your commercial or retail space to help both you and your visitors stay upright.

Educate employees on potential risks

Employees are prone to rushing into work, especially when running late due to inclement weather. Instead of implementing a strict late policy, enlighten your employees on the hazards of slip and fall incidents at work. According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), falls account for over 8 million emergency room visits and are currently the leading cause of crisis hospitalizations. In addition, slip and falls account for 12 percent of total falls, or 1 million emergency room visits. While they don’t account for the primary cause of occupational fatalities, slip and falls cause the highest number of missed work days.

Install interior floor mats

Two of the top products for preventing slip and fall accidents are rubber scraper mats and premier entrance mats, among others. Rubber scraper mats can be placed outside of the entryway to clean off bacteria and moisture from the bottom of shoes before they are tracked indoors. Since they are made of 100 percent Nitrile rubber, scraper mats stay in place. The cleat design traps debris below the surface so germs are not transferred to other shoes throughout the day. Recessed entrance mats, on the other hand, are placed on the inside of businesses. Eagle Mat offers a premium recessed mat with a 7/16-inch thickness. To keep with the overall aesthetic, you can choose from a variety of carpet, vinyl and tape colors to match the interior design.

Maintain the exterior of your property

Keeping the outside of your office clear of debris that can carry via the bottoms of shoes minimizes the amount of clean-up required indoors. Make sure outdoor spaces are free of leaves and garbage. In addition, regularly clean vestibule areas where dirt, water and trash tend to fall off the bottom of shoes in transition.

For more information on enhancing the safety of your workplace with preventative products such as floor mats, contact Eagle Mat at (877) 333-1018. Our customer service team can help you conclude which mats best fit your business type, anticipated foot traffic and interior dimensions.