The 4 Best Places to Put Office Mats

The 4 Best Places to Put Office Mats

Some people want to put mats in their offices, but aren’t quite sure where they belong. So, we’re going to give you some easy guidelines here.

Entrances and Exits

This is the first place to put mats. You want to trap all the dirt and water in the mat that people would otherwise bring inside and dirty up your floors.

More importantly, dirty and wet floors contribute to slips, trips, and falls because dirty floors decrease friction. So, mats at the entrances and exits are a major safety feature.

Entrance mats can be simple one-color mats or they can be printed logo mats that can be part of your marketing plan.

Other Wet Areas

If you have an area with locker rooms and showers, mats belong there, too. Especially ones designed for wet areas that will trap and/or channel away water.

Where Employees Stand for Long Hours

This is where you put anti-fatigue mats. Anti-fatigue mats cut down on the wear and tear on joints and make employees feel better.

The Location of Previous Slip/Fall Accidents

If there’s any particular location where you have previously had a slip or fall incident, that’s an ideal place for a mat. For example, a high-traffic path where there are two different flooring types that are slightly uneven can have a mat with beveled edges covering both floors.

Or maybe there’s a place where a highly polished hard floor tends to be slippery. That’s where you want to put a mat.

Clean Rooms or Clean Areas

Areas at your place of business that need to be kept ultra clean benefit from having sticky mats at the entrance to the area. Sticky mats have disposable sheets that are regularly removed, so the mats are always ready to grab onto any dirt on the bottoms of shoes.

We have mats for every application. Mats are an inexpensive solution to an expensive problem. Businesses spend about $8 billion per year on the associated costs of slips, trips, and falls at work, and that’s just falling on the same level. Don’t be a statistic; put some mats down today. All slip, trip, and fall injuries are preventable.

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