How to Install and Use Clean Room and Sticky Mats

Clean Room and Sticky MatsClean room and sticky mats are special mats that have removable, disposable sheets. These mats trap dirt and debris from shoes as people walk across them or from wheels as carts are rolled over them. The dirt is held on the uppermost sheet until that sheet is disposed of, leaving a fresh new sheet underneath.

Here are some hints for using these special mats:

  1. Where to place them: These mats always go at the entrance of your clean room on the outside of the room, not inside. The idea is to trap any dirt before entering the clean room.
  2. Preparation for placement: Always clean the floor surface thoroughly before installing a sticky mat. The bottom of the mat has an adhesive that won’t adhere to a dirty surface. Where you are installing the mat needs to be clean and dry. So, after cleaning the floor where the mat will be installed, either wipe it dry or allow enough time for the floor to air dry.
  3. Bottom adhesive: The underside of the sticky mat has an adhesive. Look closely at your sticky mat to determine which is the top and which is the bottom. Remove the bottom layer to expose the adhesive and place on your clean floor. Then remove the top layer to expose the first sheet.
  4. Changing sheets: When it’s time to change sheets, you want to do that very slowly and carefully. Don’t rip off the top sheet is one quick motion. Carefully separate the top sheet from the clean sheets below it, taking care to contain any dirt that the top sheet has collected. Then you slowly fold up the top sheet and throw it away.

Clean room and sticky mats have all kinds of applications. They are used not just in the medical sector, but in tech and food industries, and even at the entrance to greenhouses. They can be used anywhere that you are approaching an ultra-clean area.

The top exposed sheet will trap dirt, but it will not stick uncomfortably to your shoes. These mats are designed to release your shoe easily. And don’t forget that we have all kinds of sticky mats including Waterhog Sticky Mats that are a combination mat trapping water first, and then dirt.

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