How to Reduce Contamination With a Clean Room Sticky Mat

How to Reduce Contamination With a Clean Room Sticky MatSticky mats are a very effective way to prevent the spread of contaminants. Sticky mats are designed to be placed outside the doorway to an area that you are trying to keep super clean. In one study, sticky mats outside a hospital’s burn unit removed 56% of pathogens on visitors’ shoes from entering the unit—which is significant.

These mats adhere to the floor underneath them, and on top of the mats are tearaway sheets that can be disposed of. So, every time someone walks across the sticky mat or rolls a cart across is, the mat pulls dirt off the person’s shoes or off the wheels of the cart.

To make these types of mats most effective, it’s important to place them properly. That means that the floor underneath the mat should be cleaned thoroughly and allowed to dry before affixing the sticky mat. Depending on the flooring, soap and water or alcohol can be used. Also, it’s important that the floor is smooth. You can’t place a sticky mat on the floor with tile and grout.

Once the location for the mat has been decided, and the floor cleaned, the sticky mat should be adhered to the floor, slowly and carefully, from one end of the mat to the other. After the mat is on the floor properly, then you carefully remove the upper plastic layer protecting the top of the mat.

As each top sheet gets soiled, you remove the top sheet, again slowly and carefully, from the outside edges toward the middle, and dispose of the top sheet. (Rushing this step can cause dirt or pathogens to become airborne.) And the next sticky sheet is ready to go.

Keep in mind that sticky mats serve a dual purpose: they not only prevent you from taking contaminants into a room, but they also prevent you from bringing contaminants outside of a room. They are silent sentries preventing contamination in two directions at the same time.

We have several different types of sticky mats, so definitely take a look at our page if you need inspiration. There are sticky mats without tearaway sheets and sticky mats that are combined with other types of mats, for example.

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