Accident Statistics Every Gym Owner Should Know

Protect Your Business From Slip-and-Fall Scams

A workout injury can happen to anyone, no matter your experience or fitness level. Even walking can cause an injury. Liability releases are a standard part of nearly every gym membership agreement, and most patrons accept responsibility for their own safety while using weights, machines, and other amenities. Gyms, just like other commercial businesses, have […]

Keeping Your Floors Ready for Spring Showers

Spring has officially sprung, and if you’re like many business owners in the United States, then you’re probably taking all precautions for the upcoming weather. Rainwater can be a safety hazard, leading to slips and falls. Ensure the safety of your employees and guests by keeping things dry. Slip-and-fall accidents are common and cause businesses […]

Preparing Your Public Pool for Summer

Preparing Your Public Pool for Summer

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. So, before your pool opens for the season, there a few things that you need to do. Here’s a handy checklist for you: Mats Do you have mats where they’re needed? In change rooms where it’s always wet or near showers? We have a […]

How to Improve Your Public Pool Safety

Are Your Swimming Pool Mats Ready For Summer?

Let’s face it: there are a lot of ways to get hurt at a public pool. But there are also a lot of ways as a business you can prevent your customers and visitors from getting injured. So, before summer gets here, let’s review how to keep everyone safe. For locker room areas, we recommend […]

Comfort Creates a Foundation for Workplace Safety

Comfort Creates a Foundation for Workplace Safety

Fatigue and overexertion are leading causes of accidental injury in the American workplace, accounting for at least $13.61 billion in direct costs in 2008 alone (i). With this statistic in mind, it’s clear to see that employers have much to gain by investing in employee comfort. With increased comfort comes decreased fatigue, an essential component […]

7 Tips to Minimize Accident Risks in the Office

7 Tips to Minimize Accident Risks in the Office

Slips, trips, and falls cause 15 percent of accidental deaths. And one million Americans will suffer a slip, trip or fall injury this year. There are some really simple things you can do to lower this and other accident risks at the office. Here are seven tips to get you started: Put down some mats. […]

Who Is Liable for Icy Sidewalks and Parking Lots?

Is your business liable for that icy storefront sidewalk? Despite fluctuating temperatures, most businesses throughout the northeast and Midwest United States must battle snow, sleet, and ice accumulation. Winter precipitation reduces friction, creating a slip-and-fall nightmare even when temperatures hover above freezing. Not surprisingly, snow and ice management are top priorities for nearly every property […]

Preparing Your Commercial Pool for Summer

Preparing Your Commercial Pool for Summer

Once the holidays are done and gone, it’s time to start thinking about getting your pool ready for summer. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor pool, here’s a handy checklist to get you started. Clean the pool. This is going to be a bigger job with outdoor pools than indoor ones. You want to vacuum […]

Identifying Where Your Floors Are Too Slippery

Understanding Premises Liability for Businesses

It’s important to know how slippery your floors are and where they are the most slippery because the only way to solve a problem is to identify what the problem is. And mats can solve this slippery problem and help you and your business cut down on slips, trips, and falls. But before we talk […]

Winter Is Here: Top 3 Reasons to Have High-Quality Mats

Having proper mats is important all year round. But it’s especially important in the winter when slips, trips, and falls skyrocket. It’s also surprising to note that 70 percent of these falls are on level ground. If you’re going to get mats for your business premises, then get good ones. High-quality mats look better, last […]