How to Install Elevator Wall Studs

How to Install Elevator Wall Studs

The decision to purchase elevator pads is both sensible and forward-thinking.  From wall panels to floor, and everything in between, the interior elements of an elevator cab can be expensive to repair.  Elevator pads ensure wall panels, handrails, and other pieces of décor stay protected during the transportation of heavy freight and cargo.  Ordering a […]

Your Facility’s Risk Management Plan, Pt. IV

Your Facilitys Risk Management Plan IV

Proactive risk management is the number one way for an organization to prevent unnecessary loss.  From a reduction in work-related accidents to improvements in employee moral, effective risk management has a profoundly positive impact that ripples throughout an organization.   In the Your Facility’s Management Plan series, our editors have explored inherently-risky facility areas that require […]

Covering Elevator Walls: An Introduction to Popular Padding Materials

An Introuction to Popular Elevator Padding Materials

Making the choice to invest in elevator pads is an essential step towards preserving the interior of your elevator cab.  These thick pads are mounted near the top of each wall panel, hanging vertically to prevent damage to elevator controls and other delicate pieces of décor.  Elevator protection pads come in a wide variety of […]

Commercial Matting and Flooring Review: Reducing Liability

Commercial Matting and Flooring Review Reducing Liability

There are several reasons why businesses are turning to commercial matting and flooring services, even in times of global economic hardship.  In general, matting and flooring improvements are cost-effective ways to reduce liability, increase productivity, and spread brand awareness. In the first installment of this Commercial Matting and Flooring Review, we will examine the specific […]