5 Eco-Friendly Flooring Trends

Eco-Friendly Flooring

The first day of spring was Wednesday, March 20, 2019. Since spring is here, some businesses are doing spring cleaning. Some are making policy changes and creating, for example, a Workplace Risk Assessment that maybe they never had before. Some businesses are making some eco-friendly changes, and that’s what we’re going to address today. Here […]

Prevention of Overexertion in the Workplace

Workplace Overexertion

You might be surprised to learn that overexertion in the workplace is the number one cause of workplace injuries and accounts for about one-quarter of all workplace injuries and claims. So how do these workplace injuries from overexertion happen, and how can they be prevented? Causes of Workplace Overexertion Doing a job in an awkward […]

Hemingway Desk Mats

Feeling stuck, tired, and fatigued at your desk? If you are like most Americans, your work day begins at 9am and drags through 5 or later. Most business professionals spend a majority of time sitting at a desk, often on a chair with minimal ergonomic support. Aches and tension build in the lower back, neck, […]

Commercial Matting and Flooring Review: Increasing Productivity

In our last installment of Commercial Matting and Flooring Review, we explored cost effective ways for business and property owners to use floor mats to reduce liability.  In today’s installment, we will look at specific types of matting that not only reduce the potential for liability, but also increase productivity in the workplace.  Termed Anti-Fatigue […]