When Visibility Is Not Enough

When Visibility Is Not EnoughEach year, slip and fall accidents cost business owners upwards of several billion dollars. Employees and guests are almost always injured, sometimes fatally. And families are often left to deal with the emotional and economic hardship caused by such preventable accidents.

At Eagle Mat and Floor Products, we are all about raising awareness for the danger of slip and fall accidents. One of our favorite organizations is Falls Aren’t Funny, an affiliate of the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) that brings visual presentation to the reality of slip, trip, and fall incidents.

This week, Falls Aren’t Funny posted an image to their blog of a painted sidewalk. The caption reads, “The area is visible, but lacks aggregate so it is slippery.” What does this mean, exactly?

  1. Property owners and facility managers must rethink “visibility.”

Paint is often used to convey certain messages about a commercial property. No Parking, Handicapped Spot, Bus Lane, and Fire Lane are just a few of the most common areas designated by painted sidewalks, curbs, and walking surfaces. However, excessive paint use can quickly become a liability, outweighing all benefit of communication to the visitor.

When painting surfaces, property owners and facility managers must be aware of how paint can ultimately reduce friction and increase the likelihood of slip and fall (see below).

  1. An increase in visibility does not equal an increase in safety.

Although paint increases visibility and serves as an easy method of communication, overuse may cause more harm than good. A thick coat of paint can turn coarse sidewalk surfaces into smooth ones, an issue that might become more problematic if the sidewalk is sealed. This can significantly reduce the amount of friction generated between shoe bottoms and walking surface, consequently increasing the risk of accidental slip and fall. The danger of this simple mistake increases dramatically when facilities are located in areas that experience heavy rainfall, snow, and ice accumulation. Such precipitation may accumulate along the painted surface, making it even more treacherous to traverse.

Outdoor Mats for Entryways, Sidewalks and Loading Areas

Communicate important messages to employees and visitors, without creating a dangerous environment. Use the following outdoor mats outside entryways, along sidewalks, and across loading areas where heavy surface paints are used.

Waterhog Eco Elite Roll Mat – Cover large areas with this fully customizable matting roll by industry leader, Waterhog. Features herringbone design for exceptional liquid/debris management and traction.

Waterhog ECO Grand Elite – One-End – A unique design that offers the same liquid and debris control mentioned above. This mat is popular among commercial businesses, schools, and industrial facilities of all kinds.

Rubber Scraper ECO Mat – Go Green with this popular outdoor rubber mat, made with 95% post consumer products.

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