5 Eco-Friendly Flooring Trends

Eco-Friendly FlooringThe first day of spring was Wednesday, March 20, 2019. Since spring is here, some businesses are doing spring cleaning. Some are making policy changes and creating, for example, a Workplace Risk Assessment that maybe they never had before. Some businesses are making some eco-friendly changes, and that’s what we’re going to address today.

Here are some eco-friendly mat solutions to current flooring trends:

  1. Color. One of the big flooring trends in 2019 is color. If you’re not ready to change your floor, then why not change your mats? The Waterhog Eco Premier and Waterhog Eco Elite entrance mats both come in eight (8) colors. So, why not live it up and pick a mat that’s red or blue instead of the usual black or grey. Both of these mats are made of 100% recycled materials, and both award LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points as a certified green product.
  2. Addressing the needs of millennials. Millennials are here to stay, and they want a workplace that addresses their particular needs. Millennials want a work environment that is comfortable, practical, and green. One way to address this is through anti-fatigue mats, and we have some eco-friendly ones. The SMART Top Anti-Fatigue mat has a sponge base made of 100% recycled urethane and the rest of the mat is made of 80% recycled material. You can look after your employees’ comfort and do something good for the environment at the same time.

  3. Texture. Flooring with different unusual textures is in fashion this year. You can make a statement with Tire Link doormats that are made of 100% recycled rubber. Plus these puppies are almost indestructible. Talk about practical.

  4. Sports Flooring. Using sports flooring in unexpected ways is in. So, put down some Everlast Gym Mats where people stand around like in a coffee room or employee lounge. These mats are made of 100% recycled materials plus they’re easy to clean and comfortable to stand on. Your employees will love them.

  5. Put it all together. The Eco Recycled Tile Garage Flooring kills several birds with one stone. It’s made of 100% recycled vinyl. It comes in eight vivid colors. It’s practical, easy to install, easy to clean, and easy to repair because it’s interlocking tiles. So, put some down on your bare concrete and make it look spiffy. A concrete floor looks dirty no matter what you do with it. Some brightly colored tiles will improve the whole atmosphere.

It’s easy to make some eco-friendly changes without changing all your flooring. Do it with mats or tiles that go over your flooring. Make your business premises look better and function better and be safer, instantly.

Do you have other questions? It’s easy to contact us, and we’re happy to help you. You can always call us at (877) 333-1018 or email us at sales@eaglemat.com for more information or if you aren’t sure what you need.