Custom Entry Mats

Reduce Maintenance Costs with Entrance Mats

The entrance to your place of business doesn’t have to be blah with off-the-rack mats. There are some excellent reasons to have custom mats at your entry. Let us go over with you why you should consider custom entry mats. Marketing. If you have a Logo Floor Mat at your entrance, you are immediately making […]

Choosing Commercial Indoor Floor Mats

Eagle Mat Announces New Product: Berber Supreme Recessed Logo Mat

Did you know that falls account for 5 percent of the fatalities at work for women and 11 percent of the fatalities at work for men? Did you know that falls are the second leading cause of accidental death worldwide? The selection of your indoor floor mats is much more than a decorative decision; it’s […]

Commercial Matting and Flooring Review: Communicating with Logo Mats

Last week’s installment of Commercial Matting and Flooring Review explored how anti fatigue mats have a profound impact on employee productivity.  This week, we shift gears to examine another type of floor mat that has an equally beneficial application:  logo mats.  Logo mats provide a superb opportunity to speak to your customers through vivid colors, […]