Commercial Matting and Flooring Review: Communicating with Logo Mats

Last week’s installment of Commercial Matting and Flooring Review explored how anti fatigue mats have a profound impact on employee productivity.  This week, we shift gears to examine another type of floor mat that has an equally beneficial application:  logo mats.  Logo mats provide a superb opportunity to speak to your customers through vivid colors, icons, and well-planned slogans.  What’s more, custom logo matting delivers the same dirt and moisture control as do other commercial floor mats, yielding a two-fold value for organizations that incorporate them in marketing initiatives.

Logo Mats and Marketing

Logo mats are essential pieces of any well-rounded marketing strategy.  Placed in front of buildings, inside entryways, or in front of reception desks, custom logo mats often speak volumes about your business and help visitors to form a positive first impression.

Creating trust: one of the most common ways to use a logo mat to influence a customer’s perception of your business is to create trust.  Those companies with an already established brand have much to gain in this regard, leveraging pre-existing brand affinity to create a positive first impression with customers who enter their place of business.

Branding: new businesses may not have a logo, slogan, or brand.  Creating a logo is easy, however, and logo mats are cost effective ways to display new logos and slogans.  Companies are smart to use highly technological photo-editing software to create a simple logo and slogan with which their target demographic may identify.  Images may then be uploaded to online vendors who specialize in creating custom logo mats to suite a range of applications.  Logo mats are a great first-place to display a new logo as they are highly visible and work to control dirt, water, and debris accumulation, pairing the desire for uncompromised aesthetics with functionality.

Complementing Individual Marketing Campaigns: well-branded businesses may also benefit from creating logo mats that complement individual marketing campaigns.  To illustrate, consider a water company that already has a well-recognized brand as well as a slogan that states Drink Brand X.  When the company decides to launch a new campaign to penetrate a fresh market segment of middle-aged athletes, they decide to tailor that message to state Play Hard:  Drink Brand X.

Creating unique marketing campaigns to target specific market segments is nothing new, and custom logo mats can give creative companies an edge.  In the above example, Brand X may effectively target their new market segment by creating custom Play Hard:  Drink Brand X logo mats for placement in fitness facilities, retailers, and at other centers that distribute their product.  Creating additional logo mats to complement such marketing efforts disseminates a uniform marketing message that increases both exposure and the likelihood of impacting new customers.

Buying Logo Mats Online

When choosing a logo floor mat, consider purchasing from an online vendor that offers high quality products at a fair price.  Look for a vendor who offers a free image upload so you may design your own logo using the specific colors and type face you desire.  Finally, make sure the vendor offers a proofing service prior to production.  Eagle Mat offers each of these options online, helping businesses to purchase custom logo mats with ease and confidence.