Floor Safety Inspections at the Office

Floor Safety Inspections at the OfficeEmployers may not realize that regular inspection of flooring is essential for keeping the floors safe. The US Department of Labor makes it clear that good housekeeping makes for good safety. But there’s more to it than just housekeeping.

Keeping the floors clean is one thing, but there are other things that need an inspection, too.

Outside. The ground outside—wherever people walk—needs to be kept clean, too. And making sure that the outside walkways are clean and clear needs to be part of the safety inspection.

Neatness counts. Aside from cleaning away dirt and water, you need to be sure that the floors and outside walkways are free from anything that blocks the path of those who walk on them. That means no clutter, no boxes, and nothing in the way that shouldn’t be there.

Secret spills. Aside from the regular dirt, debris, and snow, ice, and water, at entrances and exits, there are other risky spills. Don’t forget to check by the loading dock and also where the garbage and recycling bins are. All kinds of mysterious liquids can make the ground slippery there. So, be sure to keep that clean.

Good repair. Then there’s the question of repair. If a floor tile is cracked, loose, or damaged, that’s a hazard. Inspect regularly for the integrity of the interior floors.

The unpredictable. A facility or plant will have areas where you may expect to see spills—areas where those liquids are used on a day-to-day basis. Those spills can be planned for. But there will plenty of other areas where spills are unpredictable, and those areas need some attention to. Bathrooms, for example, without showers shouldn’t have water all over the floor. However, if you have a plumbing leak or something broken, you can have a slippery floor in a hurry.

Paying attention to your floors will go a long way to making your whole business safer. If your floor is clean, dry, unobstructed, and in good repair, then you will without a doubt cut way down on your slips, trips, and falls.

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