4 Reasons Why You Need Mats at Your Facility

4 Reasons Why You Need Mats at Your FacilityIf you’re the business owner of a facility, you may not realize how important it is to have mats in different locations. Mats are not just for offices. Here are some of the reasons why you need them at the facility.

Entrances and Exits

There should be mats at every entrance or exit. Mats add friction and prevent slips, trips, and falls which cost businesses about $1 billion per year.

For people coming in, mats scrape the dirt and water off the bottoms of their shoes and prevent that from being tracked throughout the building. For people going out, mats help people transition from your clean and dry floor to a potentially wet or icy ground outside.


Mats that collect dirt and water and prevent the spread of dirt and water elsewhere, cut down on the time required to keep floors clean.

This is how you make your maintenance team more efficient. The cleaner your floors are to start, the easier and faster it is for maintenance to stay on top of their tasks. Fifteen minutes spent washing off a mat outside with a hose beats a needless hour of vacuuming and washing a floor.


Wherever you have mats, you increase safety. Employee locker rooms or shower room floors can be slippery either from the water on the floor or people walking around in stocking feet.

Anytime you increase safety, you cut down on injuries, lost time, and the added time and cost of documenting injuries and paying for them.


For employees standing on their feet all day, anti-fatigue mats increase their comfort and decrease wear and tear on joints. And don’t worry, there are plenty of anti-fatigue mats that are designed to be resistant to chemicals.

Mats are a simple and inexpensive way to cut costs, increase safety, and they make you look good, too. Mats come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They can even be part of your marketing plan by showing off your logo or a clever saying. Make some new mats part of your springtime facility rejuvenation plan.


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