Outdoor Matting Solutions: Polypropylene Mats VS Carpet

Outdoor Matting Solutions- Polypropylene Mats VS Carpet

When it comes to floor safety and protection, one of the most common solutions that come to mind is floor matting. Floor mats are now widely used in various establishments both indoors and outdoors. These commercial-grade products are becoming more popular not only for residential buildings but also for industrial facilities due to their great […]

Runners vs. Mats

Mats vs. Runners

True, the difference between an entrance mat and an entrance runner is subtle.  Generally speaking, entrance ‘mats’ are no larger than 5’x10’, though custom over-sized mats that exceed these dimensions exist.  Runners, on the other hand, may run upwards of 50’ in length.  Given this basic difference in size, it is helpful to remember that […]

Matching Stylish Mats with Interior Design

Matching Stylish Mats with Interior Design

There are various ways and items that can be used to decorate and improve the interior of office spaces. Even entrance mats can be used for aesthetic purposes especially if you chose those entrance mats that are not only durable and functional, but also stylish and decorative. There is now a lot commercial floor mats […]

Walk Off Mats

Walk Off Mats

The Eagle Mat team is often asked a simple question:  What are walk-off mats, and how are they different from entrance mats?  The answer is equally simple:  They are one and the same.  The term “walk-off mat” is used to describe an entire category of commercial floor mats that either scrape or wipe debris from […]

Your Facility’s Risk Management Plan, Part II

Your Facilitys Management Plan Pt II

Risk management programs are instrumental in making facilities a safe place for employees and customers alike.  Critical to success is the ability to be anticipatory, or proactive, in identifying areas of potential risk.  The Eagle Mat Blog is proud to present the Your Facility’s Risk Management Plan, a four-part article series designed to help business […]