Are Carpet Mats Sanitary?

There is a troubling misconception that carpets and carpet mats are not sanitary. This has led to removal of carpeting and carpet floor mats from schools, workplaces, and other commercial spaces. Property owners and safety managers are wise to take note of this alarming trend, as 60% or more of slip and fall accidents occurring on commercial spaces are the result of improperly maintained/exposed walking surfaces (source: CNA Insurance).

First, it’s important to understand that misconceptions are often rooted in partial truth. It is true that carpet can present a health concern when it is not properly maintained. This is true for most materials. Failure to clean and dry carpets regularly can lead to dust, mold, and mildew formation. These contaminants contribute to larger air quality issues that can lead to serious health concerns.

However, carpets can easily be kept clean and safe. Follow the tips below to ensure your facility’s carpets and carpet-topped floor mats stay clean and fresh for long into the future. Businesses in the Washington DC Metro Area are invited to learn more about Eagle Mat floor mat rental, rotation, and cleaning services, the hassle-free way to maintain and healthy and professional ambience.

Tips for Cleaning Carpet Mats

According to the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), cleaning a rug or carpet is just like exercise. Routine delivers the best results. Additionally, investing in the proper equipment and maintenance personnel can go a long way in keeping interior carpets and carpeted matting in tip-top shape.

According to CRI, there are 3 basic tips to keep carpeting clean.

1. Vacuum regularly.

The best and most basic way to extend the life of carpets is to vacuum them regularly. There is no one-size fits all approach to this type of maintenance, but facilities should base vacuum frequency on average visitor flow. More traffic equals more frequent vacuuming, and maintenance should take time during vacuuming to note any spills or spots (see below).

2. Clean up spots and spills quickly.

Most think that quickly cleaning spills and spots is all about keeping mats looking good. However, it’s also about preserving overall function. Certain types of spills can not only ruin the appearance of the carpet, but they can also cause the fibers to become matted down, stuck together, or otherwise impaired. The causes the carpet to lose its ability to clean dirt, contain debris, and absorb moisture. As a result, elements will more easily be tracked across carpeted areas and onto smooth surfaces where they can cause accidents and trigger cases of property owner liability.

3. Hire a professional when needed.

According to the CRI, carpets should be professionally deep cleaned every 12 to 18 months to maximize their functionality and more effectively eradicate any dirt, debris, or moisture that ordinary vacuums leave behind.

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