Managing Mold and Mildew in Flooring, Part 2

Let’s now dive into the best way to prevent more mold and mildew.

Preventative Building Maintenance

Mold and mildew require water and humidity to grow. If you have had a problem in the past with water in places it shouldn’t be, then remedy those problems before putting in new flooring. Do you need roof repair? Is water not draining properly on your floors? Do you have any leaky pipes?


To prevent the growth of mold and mildew, you have to prevent a high moisture content in the air. Do you need more air circulation? Do you need a dehumidifier? A window? A fan? These are things that will help you keep the moisture down. Pay special attention to areas where there is a lot of water use like locker rooms, pool areas, and bathrooms.

Flooring and Mats

For flooring, try to choose something that is from a sheet or roll like our Coin Pattern garage flooring rather than individual tiles. The more nooks and crannies mold and mildew can wiggle into, the greater the risk of a problem. Choose underlay materials that are mold resistant if possible. The mold and mildew is unlikely to bother your porcelain tile, but it can eat up the grout and subflooring. Never put carpet where there is a history of mold or mildew. Wall to wall carpet is not designed for wet areas.

As far as mats go, make sure they are washed or cleaned regularly and allowed to fully dry. Lots of our mats can go in a washing machine. As long as you keep them clean and let them dry, you will not have a mold or mildew problem with them.

If you are using mats in a designated wet area, choose ones that are designed to drain well. Even wet area mats need maintenance. They still need to be washed or rinsed and allowed to dry occasionally.

Maintenance of your property and vigilance will keep your areas mold-free. If you’re cleaning up a pre-existing problem, the EPA has some good information available.

This article is the second of two parts.

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