Kitchen Mats Buying Guide

Kitchen Matting: 5 Tips for Safety and Functionality in the KitchenKitchen mats have a tough job. People are standing on them for hours on end and frequently spilling hot and cold liquids on them. So the mats need to resist damage from hot and cold assault including hot grease, resist crushing from standing on them, and they have to be slip-free. They need to stay where you place them, and they must offer good traction.There’s really no margin for error with kitchen mats; if the mats are no good, then someone can get hurt. Badly.

Fortunately, we have a terrific selection of kitchen mats to choose from. Let’s look at a few of them.

Premier Kitchen Tile Mat

This mat offers excellent drainage. They are grease-proof and come in two colors with four edging colors. It’s easy to link them together to cover a large surface area.

They are manufactured with an anti-microbial technology that resists bacteria and fungi. Cleaning is simple with warm soap and water. Just let them air dry.

Supreme Kitchen Mat

This is an extra thick mat that has superb anti-fatigue properties. The mat has extra large holes for fast drainage, and it also has anti-microbial properties. It’s easy to connect these mats together for covering a large kitchen area.

Versa Kitchen Mat

This is a special low-profile mat for kitchens that have a lot of cart traffic. The mat comes in several stylish colors and is reversible to give you extended wear.

Freezer Mats

We even have special freezer mats built to endure a cold and miserable existence at minus 45 degrees Celsius. Manufactured with a blend of nylon and rubber, these mats like it cold. They have good drainage and a long life without cracking or fracturing. They can be pressure-washed or washed with warm water and soap like the other kitchen mats.

Want your kitchen mats to last a long time? Then keep them clean by washing them regularly and letting them air dry. Rotate them, and regularly inspect them for any damage.

The possibilities are endless. Whatever you choose, let us help you select the best commercial mats and flooring for your commercial space. Do you have other questions? Are you not sure what you need? It’s easy to contact us, and we’re happy to help you. You can always call us at (877) 333-1018 or email us at for more information.