Why Is Elevator Padding Important?

If you have ever ridden in a service elevator, then you have likely seen elevator padding.

But why is elevator padding important? There are lots of reasons, and we’re going to list them for you here:

  1. Elevator padding protects the elevator walls.

When service elevators are carrying freight up and down all day, those elevators take a beating. Delivery people and installers are not always overly preoccupied by taking care of the elevator.

The padding keeps the walls of the elevator from getting scratched and dented.

Fixing elevator walls that are damaged is not easy. It can be very costly, and it often requires the elevator to be off-line while being repaired which is another problem for the building.

  • Not all buildings have service elevators.

If a building doesn’t have a service elevator, that means the real passenger elevator also has to transport freight.

Then it’s even more important to have elevator pads. The passenger elevator probably has more expensive finishes than a service elevator: all the more reason to use high-quality elevator pads.

  • Elevator pads protect the freight.

If you have a tenant’s freight banging around in your elevator, it’s not just the insides of the elevator that are at risk. It’s the freight, too.

If a simple trip up a freight elevator causes a multi-thousand-dollar crystal chandelier to shatter, the building is going to hear about it. Get some really good elevator pads to solve the problem in a hurry.

Elevator pads keep building maintenance costs down, keep insurance claims down, and make your building look professional. We carry elevator pads that fit all the major manufacturers like Otis, Schindler, and ThyssenKrupp. Do yourself a favor and talk to us about elevator pads. You will save yourself a big headache down the line.

We have available clear instructions on how to measure properly for elevator pads. We also have instructions available for how to install elevator wall studs, and how to measure for floor mats for the elevator. Just scroll down on our Elevator Pad page.

And now, it’s also possible to have an image or your logo embroidered on elevator pads. Think about that—a marketing message all the way into the service elevator. That’s really classy.

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