Why Is Elevator Padding Important?

Why Is Elevator Padding Important?

If you have ever ridden in a service elevator, then you have likely seen elevator padding. But why is elevator padding important? There are lots of reasons, and we’re going to list them for you here: Elevator padding protects the elevator walls. When service elevators are carrying freight up and down all day, those elevators […]

Elevator Pads: Frequently Asked Questions

Elevator Pads FAQ

Elevator pads are used by both commercial and residential facilities to protect the ornate and often expensive interiors of elevator cabs.  When used in commercial buildings, elevator protection pads usually insulate the cabs of freight elevators to protect valuable cargo during transportation.  When used in residential buildings, elevator pads perform a slightly different function by […]

Elevator Pads: Protecting the Inside of your Elevators

Elevator Pads:  Protecting the Inside of Your Elevators

Elevator Pads are a must have for any commercial or residential building equipped with elevators for transporting passengers and freight alike.  Some buildings have designated passenger lifts as well as designated freight lifts, keeping the two separate.  It can be cumbersome and even unsafe for passengers to travel in the same elevators as freight, whether […]