Elevator Pads: Frequently Asked Questions

Elevator Pads FAQ Elevator pads are used by both commercial and residential facilities to protect the ornate and often expensive interiors of elevator cabs.  When used in commercial buildings, elevator protection pads usually insulate the cabs of freight elevators to protect valuable cargo during transportation.  When used in residential buildings, elevator pads perform a slightly different function by protecting the interior of the cabs from damage most often associated with transporting furniture, maintenance equipment, cleaning supplies, passengers, and more.  Regardless of whether these protective pads are installed in freight or passenger elevators, one thing is constant:  Elevator pads are a cost effective way to protect freight, interior walls, floors, and passengers.

Eagle Mat and Floor Products has created this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) guide to assist property owners and building managers in selecting fully customizable elevator padding solutions.

Elevator Pads FAQ

Taking measurements for custom elevator pads may seem overwhelming, but Eagle Mat is here to help!  The following FAQ will serve to answer several basic questions regarding elevator pad materials, measurements, installation, and ordering.

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1. Why should I invest in elevator pads?

Elevator pads are all about protection.  Whether it’s protecting passengers, freight, or the inside of the elevator cab, elevator pads provide heavy-duty padding that prevents damage during operation.  Moreover, elevator pads are a cost-effective safety measure when compared with the staggering costs associated with elevator cab repair, damaged freight, or worst of all, injured passengers.

2. My elevator cab has a set of double doors.  Do I need to make special accommodations for this?

Yes.  You will need to take measurements for all 4 walls of your elevator cab, including the wall that houses both doors and control panel.  Please visit our Elevator Pads online store for detailed diagrams and a free measurement guide.  You may also contact an Eagle Mat representative at 877-333-1018 for additional help with taking precise measurements for your custom elevator pads.

3. What materials are available?

Eagle Mat and Floor Products is proud to offer a broad range of materials including Standard Vinyl, Rugged Canvas, and Heavy Duty Vinyl.  Each material is available in a unique array of vibrant colors.  More information on material and color availability may be found in our Elevator Pads online store, under Section 3:  Indicate Pad Material and Color.

4. Are elevator pads fire rated?

Yes, some elevator pads are fire rated for safety.  The Standard Vinyl pads available through Eaglemat.com, for example, are fire rated and come in 9 stylish colors.  Please note:  Customers are urged to contact retailers and inquire about the safety specifications of individual elevator padding products.

5. Do elevator pads protect the floor of the elevator cab?

No, they do not.  Elevator pads cover only the walls of elevators, and they are to hang no closer than 4 inches from the ground.  This requirement keeps elevator pads in strict compliance with fire codes.  In this way, elevator pads hang close to the walls of the elevator cab and do not become an obstacle or tripping hazard in the event of an emergency.

6. How are elevator pads hung?

Eagle Mat now provides elevator pads with Adapta-Clamps.  Adapta-clamps feature an alligator clip on one end, allowing for easy attachment to wall pads.  Simply hang a series of Adapta-Clamps horizontally along the wall studs or overhang of the elevator cab and affix them to the top edge of the pad.  This eliminates much of the guess work typically associated with measuring for elevator pads, as precise measurements need not be taken to align individual wall studs with elevator pad grommet holes.

Need Additional Assistance?

Eagle Mat and Floor Products proudly represents over 30 years experience in commercial floor mats and property management products.  Our sales team is comprised of experienced and passionate individuals who are available to assist you in selecting elevator pad solutions to meet your unique needs!

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