How Personalized Door Mats Improve Exterior Decor

How Personalized Door Mats Improve Exterior Décor

We’re often asked how personalized floor mats improve exterior decor. Your business or office says a lot about you to your client or customer. Door mats are often one of the first thing people notice when they step into a new room or building. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a good first impression and improve your exterior décor.

The fact is, you need door mats. Door mats should be at every door to the outside. Even better would be door mats both inside and outside every door. Door mats improve the floor safety at your place of business by cutting down on slips, trips, and falls, which cost businesses upwards of $11 billion per year.

So, if you need door mats anyway, then use them for décor. Make a statement. If you’re a business, do some branding!

Here are some ideas for improving exterior decor with floor mats:

Put your logo or motto on the mat.

Then when people walk by, they will notice and remember it even if they don’t come inside your building. It’s likely pedestrians will remember your symbol or logo even if they don’t remember your address. Because it’s different. It’s memorable.

Put a photo of a product or service.

This will encourage people entering the premises to think about and seek out that particular product or service.

Put out a mat that shows attention to detail.

A large mat with the name and logo of your company will make a grand impression even before someone walks in the door. Someone across the street will recognize your logo even if they’ve never been inside your doors.

Have some fun.

You could put out a mat with the name of the Employee of the Week or of the Month, which sends the message, “this company cares about its employees and honors them.”

A sports bar could have a logo mat with a photo of their favorite hockey team. A fabric manufacturer could have mats that look like quilts. A laboratory could rotate photos of famous chemists.


Maybe you can partner with a product that you like and use, and actually advertise their product on your front step.

Be seasonal.

You could put some kind of seasonal picture on your mat to go with seasonal décor outside and seasonal landscaping.

You will need several different mats because wet and dirty mats need to be changed out for clean and dry ones, while the dirty ones are washed and dried.

So, you can use several of these different ideas above together in sequence. There’s just no limit to what can be done with logo mats. We strongly suggest you give them some consideration. They serve an important safety purpose but they look beautiful at the same time.

Since mats are inexpensive, why not make them look really nice and make a statement with your mat all year round. Talk to us, and we’ll help you do it.

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