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Elevator Pads

Elevator Pads
Elevator Wall Pads20+ Styles & Colors!
Elevator Pads
Elevator Wall Pads20+ Styles & Colors!

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An Elevator Pad is more than a means of protecting interior elevator cab walls. Elevator Wall Pads also protect passengers, precious freight, and cargo from accidental damage.

Eagle Mat and Floor Products is proud to present our line of Elevator Wall Pads. We supply to all major manufacturers including Otis, Schindler, ThyssenKrupp, and Kone, just to name a few. Eagle Mat offers the best in elevator padding and protection in a wide variety of material and colors!

All Elevator Wall Pads from Eagle Mat are Flame Retardant per ASTM E 84 and NFPA 701.

Measuring and installing these pads doesn't have to be troublesome. Simply follow our Elevator Wall Pad Measurement Guide and you will have all the measurements necessary to request a price quote and eventually order your Elevator Wall Pads.

A Custom Embroidered Logo (Maximum Size of 13” x 19") is available to be sewn onto your Elevator Wall Pads (for an up-charge)! The logo is embroidered (in different color threads) onto a patch, and that patch, which is essentially the background of the logo, is sewn onto the pads. The patch is made out of the same fabric and color as the Elevator Wall Pads that you order. Please send us a request for a free logo proof!

Please follow these step-by-step instructions to gather the measurements necessary. For further assistance, please call our expert staff toll free: (877) 333-1018. With the expertise of Eagle Mat, you're always in reliable hands!



Indicate Elevator Cab Style:

Indicate Cab Style

Please refer to the diagram above and indicate whether your elevator cab is Style 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6, or OTHER.

Elevator cabs have different door arrangements. Doors may be single sided, double sided, and they may be located on the front left, front right, front center, or both front and rear of the elevator cab, so your diagram may not be listed above.


Indicate Pad Style:

First, choose between:

  1. Standard with Grommet Holes
  2. Adapt-A-Pads (without Grommet Holes)
  3. Stud Strip (Guaranteed to fit any leveled Grommet Spacing)

Our Pads come in three basic forms: 1) Pads with Grommets Holes, which are hung on Wall Studs or Hooks. 2) Pads without Grommet Holes (Adapt-A-Pads), which are most often hung using Clamps (Adapt-A-Clamps), but can be hung using a specific type of Stud or Hook, and 3) Stud Strip, which is a strong seatbelt-like material with slits approximately every 1” that is guaranteed to fit on any grommet spacing, as long as the hardware (Studs or Hooks) are level; plus, you will NOT need to measure for Grommet Spacing/Holes!

  • Each cab requires its own set of complete measurements.

Indicate Pad Material & Color:

Standard Vinyl
Standard Black
Standard Royal Blue
Royal Blue
Standard Nutmeg Brown
Nutmeg Brown
Standard Burgundy
Standard Slate Gray
Slate Gray
Standard Light Grey
Light Grey
Standard Tan
Rugged Canvas
Canvas Black
Canvas Brown
Canvas Grey
Heavy Duty Vinyl
Standard Black
Standard Royal Blue
Royal Blue
Standard Nutmeg Brown
Nutmeg Brown
Standard Burgundy
Standard Slate Gray
Slate Grey
Light Grey
Light Grey
Standard Tan
  • Did you know? Our Standard Vinyl pads are fire rated and come in 9 eye-catching colors!
  • All Eagle Mat Elevator Wall Pads are flame retardant per ASTM E 84, MVSS302, UND.Lab.Standard UL94, CAN3B44-M85 and NFPA 701.

Indicate Height of Wall Pads:

Height of Pads

Next, please provide us with a measurement for the height of your pads.  Refer to Step 2 and note which require special calculations for grommet and stud placement.

  • For with Grommet Holes & Stud Strip: Measure the height of the elevator wall from 1” above the wall stud to the floor, then subtract 4 inches.  This will account for stud placement while keeping compliant with fire codes.
  • For without Grommet Holes:  Measure the height of the elevator wall from the top of the wall panel to the floor, then subtract 4 inches to comply with fire codes.

(Space must be available behind the wall panels to hang Hooks/Adapt-A-Clamps)

Click here to download instructions for wall stud installation


Indicate Choice of Adapt-A-Clamps, Hooks, or Studs:


Please indicate the number of Hooks, Studs, or Adapt-A-Clamps necessary to hang your pads.

Type of Hardware: Studs / Hooks / Clamps       Amount Required: ________

(Circle One and Indicate which Number: #____)       (Total Number, NOT Per Wall)

  • Elevator Wall Pads with Grommet Holes or Stud Strip: Require Studs or Hooks.
  • Elevator Wall Pads without Grommet Holes: Require Adapt-A-Clamps (or a specific type of Studs or Hooks).

Indicate the Pad Widths:

Elevator Pad Widths
Wall Stud Placement


Assessing the width of the pads consists of two very important measurements. First, measure the width of the cab wall that the pad is to cover. This is the total width of the wall and the corresponding pad that will cover it.

Next, provide a measurement of the spacing required between wall studs.  Measure the following distances, starting on the far LEFT side of the wall and moving Right. Measure from the center of one Stud/Hook to the center of the next Stud/Hook (always measure on center).

  • Distance between the centerline of each consecutive stud.
  • Distance between the centerline of the final stud and the far right side edge of the elevator wall.

Indicate the Cut-Outs:

Pad Cut-Outs

Please refer to the diagram to the left for measuring cut-outs.

There can be multiple cut-outs per set of pads, or even multiple cut-outs per panel.

The green question mark icons indicate where measurements are needed.

Don't forget to measure the cut-outs for each panel as they may differ.


Need Assistance?

Once you have completed the information above, you can call or email us the measurements of the grommet spacing and cut-outs, as well as the type, styles, material and color of the pads chosen and the type and number of the Hardware (Studs, Hooks, or Adapt-A-Clamps) needed.

Questions? Please call us toll-free at (877) 333-1018 or E-mail us at You can also check out our website, Thanks!