Encouraging Employees to Stay Healthy at Work

Encouraging Employees to Stay Healthy at Work

Sitting is the new smoking, according to health experts. The slogan illustrates how a new culture of long work hours, especially among tech industry professionals, has created a sedentary “sitting culture” that is wreaking havoc on individuals’ health. The warning comes as American workers spend an increasing amount of time sitting at work, remaining sedentary for an estimated 64% of the entire day. Below are 6 of the most talked about ways to encourage a healthier workplace, without making drastic changes to facilities or operations.

1. Walking meetings. From Silicon Valley to firms in New York City, it seems every business is adopting the walking meeting as a way to improve the flow of blood—and ideas. Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates are just a few of the 21st Century’s boldest leaders known to employ this technique to make work days healthier.

2. Posture awareness. Walking meetings aren’t always feasible during winter months, and sometimes employees have too much work to justify venturing outdoors. When confined to a sitting desk, default to cultivating posture awareness as a way to combat the adverse side effects of sitting for long periods of time. Sit up straight, roll your shoulders back, and adjust your chair so that your arms form a 90-degree angle when extending toward the keyboard of your computer. Health experts recommend taking 2-3 minutes to stand and stretch for every 60 minutes spent working.

3. Standing desks. If sitting hurts your hips and back, consider investing in a standing desk. This puts your keyboard and monitor at just above waist height, making it easy to stand while performing a variety of work tasks. Those feeling hesitant to make such a serious change can opt for an adjustable height desk to quickly transition from traditional sitting height to standing.

4. Standing mats. These are absolutely essential for anyone who is going to spend time at a stand desk or workstation. Standing mats are ergonomically designed to contour around the foot, adding a soft layer of comfort that eases the pains caused by long days on foot.

5. Anti-fatigue runners. Similar to standing mats, anti-fatigue runners are elongated compression mats that likewise flex/ “give” underfoot. Runners can be used in manufacturing areas, laboratories, and other production facilities with a large floor spaces.

6. Health newsletters. Many companies are beginning to engage employees with periodical health newsletters. Newsletters are typically delivered via email, and they contain tips to keep employees mindful of health and safety while on the job.

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