Making Your Business Safer for Everyone Involved

safe workplacesSafe workplaces aren’t just about mitigating lawsuits and reducing financial liabilities. Businesses should take an active approach toward workplace safety because it’s the right thing to do, first and foremost. An accident at work doesn’t just affect the person involved – it has negative emotional and efficiency consequences on everyone in your organization. Making all employees, customers and clients feel supported and cared for is essential for thriving operations.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the US Department of Labor, 4,386 workers were killed on the job in 2015. That’s an average of 93 work-related fatalities per week, and over 13 deaths per day. Don’t become a statistic; follow these tips all safe workplaces regularly practice.

Reduce Sudden Slipping Hazards

Spring weather has arrived. The next few months bring some of the slickest conditions all year, but the hazards aren’t limited to sidewalks and roads. Wet shoes, umbrellas and jackets carry moisture indoors, drip across floors and create hazardous puddles and messes throughout your place of business. Minimizing the risk of slip-and-fall incidences by placing absorbent commercial entrance mats is a good start. If you need more coverage, particularly in hallways, consider a commercial runner that dries shoes further with each step. Commercial umbrella stands or bag dispensers further eradicate potential puddles due to transferred rainwater. Smooth floors like hardwoods and tile should cover typical walking paths as much as possible, particularly during seasons with inclement weather.

Enforce Comprehensive Training

Whether your business is in manufacturing, healthcare, retail or tech, educating employees on the importance of safer workplaces is pertinent. Physical labor and equipment handling requires special training on day one, but many managers and owners forget the significance of ordinary safety threats. From wearing proper footwear to wiping shoes at the door, encourage workers throughout your organization to actively employ habits that keep the workplace safe. Make sure all workers – both full-time and contract status – know where to access first aid materials, fire extinguishers or alarms. Establish open lines of communication that allow employees to report safety threats without feeling ashamed or uncomfortable. Oblige by your local drill laws, which can vary from earthquake planning to hurricane simulations depending on your whereabouts.

Minimize Electrostatic Discharge

Even in a seemingly low-risk corporate office environment, electrostatic discharge from computers and other equipment can damage expensive supplies, alter or erase files and even start a fire or explosion. An estimated $40 billion in damages occurs due to ESD every year, making this a proven obstruction of safe workplaces. Use commercial anti-static mats near electrical equipment to neutralize ESD, protecting employees from physical shock, data loss or office destruction.

Some businesses overlook these hazards until it’s too late. Why wait until a valuable employee or customer suffers a serious injury, or until your business loses valuable work, before implementing secure practices in the workplace?

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