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Rubber Scraper Mat

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*Starting from: $35.00 *Price may update with selected options above.

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*Starting from: $35.00 *Price may update with selected options above.

Rubber Scraper Mats are manufactured using 100% Nitrile rubber for a sturdy slip resistant surface.  Rubber Scraper Mats aggressively scrape dirt and squeegee moisture from the bottoms of shoes.  The raised cleat design allows for dirt and debris to fall below the surface of the mat keeping the cleats working efficiently.

  • Ideal for heavy traffic in outdoor areas.
  • Easy door clearance.
  • Effectively traps dirt and moisture including grease and oil run-off.
  • Thickness: Approximately 3/8".
  • Rubber Scraper Mats are available in three different patterns, including our Oblong, Circular, and Multi-Directional patterns!
  • Available (only in the 3' x 5' size) with drainage holes to allow water and liquids to drain through the mat in outdoor areas.
  • The Rubber Scraper Mat with drainage holes in not launder-able, is not Nitrile rubber, and is only available with the Oblong pattern.
  • Upgrade to a Silicon Carbide Grit surface for superior traction in exceptionally slippery areas!
  • Rubber Scraper Mats are anti-microbial for the protection of micro-organisms and prevention of odor.
  • Easy to clean by hosing off or ask about our commercial laundering service!
  • Please note: Black - Multi-Dimensional pattern available in sizes 2.5' x 3', 3' x 5', 3' x 10', and 4' x 6' only.
Pricing Options
Standard Size Standard Price
2.5' x 3' $35
3' x 5' $75
3' x 5' with drainage holes $75
3' x 10' $150
4' x 6' $120
4' x 8' $185
6' x 6' $215
6' x 8' $239
Please note: Above sizes are only approximations. All carpet mats will most likely shrink.
Color Palette & Patterns
Black - Oblong
Black - Oblong
Black - Circular
Black - Circular
Black - Multi-Directional
Black - Multi-Directional
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