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Logo Floor Mats

Logo floor mats are the perfect addition to any lobby or reception area! Create a custom logo mat and make a lasting impression with your clientele. Our custom floor mats are printed with leading-edge digital printers. This ensures crisp designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Greet your visitors with personalized floor matting products using a near-limitless array of vibrant colors and textual effects. Logo mat printing effects include fading, shading, and 3-D imaging! Be sure to browse our collection of Hog Heaven mats, an industry leader in high quality indoor/outdoor matting. Or you can build a custom Waterhog Mat and receive laser-cut precision with Waterhog's patented in-lay printing technology. As always, Eagle Mat offers free image upload and proofing with each order!

  • Graphic Impressions Logo Mat

    Graphic Impressions Logo Mats use state-of-the-art digital printing technology to create the sharpest image for custom logo mats.

    • FREE set up and proofing of your logo image.
    • One of the industry’s most popular logo mats.
    • Nearly limitless combination of colors available
    • Mat is ideal for highly trafficked indoor areas.
    • Logo features colors deeply embedded in the matting fiber
    • Nitrile rubber backing provides heavy-duty slip resistance
  • Supreme Carpet Logo Mat

    Supreme Carpet Logo Mats are the finest quality carpeted surface logo mats in the industry.  These custom mats feature “sewn-in” logo design guaranteed to produce a flush finish.

    • FREE set up and proofing of your logo image.
    • Ideal for highly trafficked indoor areas
    • Vibrant color combinations available for outstanding logo detail.
    • Logo design is woven into the dense matting fiber for a guaranteed flush finish.
  • Waterhog Logo Mat

    Waterhog Logo Mats use a patented razor-cut inlay process that creates the sharpest logo possible!

    • FREE set up and proofing of your logo image.
    • Polypropylene fabric allows for quick drying action and superb scraping action
    • Waterhog crush-resistant “nubs” form a waffle pattern that delivers excellent traction.
    • 100% commercial grade Nitrile rubber backing and borders for advanced slip-resistance and moisture control.
  • Berber Supreme Logo Mat

    Berber Supreme Logo Mats are one of the most popular in the industry.  The distinct Berber pattern of this custom floor mat is great for trapping dirt and extremely popular among Class A buildings.

    • FREE set up and proofing of your logo image.
    • Great for both indoor and outdoor applications.
    • Also available in custom floor tiles for easy installation.
    • Our finest and most popular selling heavy-duty logo floor mat!
    • Logo mat features distinct Berber pattern designed for heavy traffic areas.
    • Logo created with laser cut inlay process to deliver unparalleled detail and precision.
  • Berber Supreme Recessed Logo Mat

    Berber Supreme Recessed Logo Mats are the #1 choice for high traffic entryways that need a little brand-power. Proudly feature your company logo, slogan, or important safety messaging on enduring Berber carpeting.

    • FREE set up and image proofing of your logo image!
    • Features distinct high-low “Berber” surface design.
    • Unparalleled retention of dirt, debris, and liquid accumulation.
    • Backed with Nitrile rubber for extra traction and longevity.
    • Popular among Class A buildings, hotels, and other heavily trafficked commercial business spaces.
  • Rubber Scraper Logo Mat

    Rubber Scraper Mats are made of 100% Nitrile rubber for long-lasting durability and superior slip resistance, even when wet!  Logo mat images are scratch resistant and heat pressed onto the mats surface.

    • FREE set up and proofing of your logo image.
    • 100% Nitrile Rubber construction.
    • Ideal for traffic indoor and outdoor areas.
    • Raised scraper ridges provide excellent tractions while effectively scraping the dirt and moisture from the soles of shoes.
  • Pyramid Rubber Logo Mat

    Pyramid Rubber Mats are finely hand-cut into solid rubber matting by skilled artists.  This rubber inlaid entrance mat is constructed with a molded pyramid top and knob back, making cleaning a breeze, while providing superior traction for highly trafficked areas.

    • FREE set up and proofing of your image.
    • Non-skid traction, resilient floor mat surface, fast draining, and easy cleaning.
    • Now available in squared or beveled edging for any surface mounting.
    • Precise inlaid rubber provides unparalleled detail for even the most intricate logo design.


  • Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Logo Mat

    Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Mats are 100% commercial-grade rubber comfort mats.  These custom floor mats deliver exquisite comfort while proudly displaying your company logo on the surface of the mat.

    • FREE set up and proofing of your logo image.
    • Most comfortable logo mat on the market today!
    • 5/8” or 7/8” thick closed-cell cushion backing for long outstanding comfort.
    • Multi-layer floor mat construction flexes underfoot to stimulate blood flow and reduce fatigue.


  • Flocked Carpet Logo Mat

    Flocked Carpet Logos are felted onto the surface of the mat, producing a raised logo design from the surface of the floor mat.  The cut-pile carpet is super absorbent and ideal for logos consisting of only one to two colors. 

    • Ideal for moderate traffic for indoor and outdoor areas.
    • The nylon flock is permanently felted and heat-pressed into the surface of the mat creating a clear, bold projection of the logo raised off the logo mat's surface.


  • Chesapeake Turf Logo Mat

    Chesapeake Turf Mats feature a firm polypropylene construction with crimped fibers that makes for superior dirt scraping action.  Logo designs are laser cut using a precision inlaid process.  

    • FREE set up and proofing of your logo image.
    • Heavy-duty vinyl backing for added slip-resistance.
    • Stiff, upright polypropylene fibers provide sturdy footing above the moisture and debris.
    • Firm polypropylene fibers effectively remove dirt and debris from the soles of shoes, keeping your lobbies clean and dry. 
  • Vinyl Link Logo Mat

    Vinyl Link Mats are manufactured using rectangular links that are bound together with industrial strength stainless steel rods.  The stainless steel construction and vinyl links provide for superior long-lasting durability while offering a slightly different atheistic look. 

    • FREE set up and proofing of your logo image.
    • Made for highly trafficked areas both indoor and out.
    • This logo mat is a favorite among U.S. Military facilities.
    • Alternating colored links create a unique look for your logo image.
    • Stainless steel construction and vinyl links provide long-lasting durability.
    • Comes approximately 3/8" thick.