Garage Floor Tile and Mat Installation Tips from Better Life Technologies

Garage Floor Tile and Mat InstallationMr. David Begley of Better Life Technologies joins the Eagle Mat Blog for this exclusive guide to professional garage flooring installation.  Better Life Technologies (BLT) manufactures the industry’s most resilient and easy-to-install garage floor coverings.

“One thing people should know is that our garage flooring products are very easy to install,” Mr. Begley explains.  “You can quickly transform your garage floor into a comfortable, professional, and well-protected workspace in no time at all.”

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Pre-Installation:  Surveying the Environment

Professional-grade garage flooring installation begins with a thorough examination of the environment.  Small details in temperature, humidity, and floor texture may have an impact on the installation of garage tiles and mats.  Mr. Begley suggests taking note of the following environmental conditions:

1. Humidity

Humidity may cause moisture to accumulate below the surface of garage floor mats and tiles.  Those in particularly humid environments should consider sealing the concrete floor space prior to matting installation.  This will prevent moisture and possible mildew accumulation under the garage floor mats / tiles.

2. Temperature

Garage floor mats and tiles are resilient enough to withstand moderately hot and cold temperatures.  However, these products may expand and contract when temperatures become extremely hot or cold.

“For wall-to-wall applications, we recommend leaving about 1/4” of empty space between the end of the garage mat / tile and the wall,” explains Mr. Begley.  “This gives the flooring room to expand and contract while exposing very little of the underlying concrete surface.”

3. Concrete Surface

Garage floor tiles and mats are typically unaffected by minor divots, flaking, or sprawling in the underlying surface.  For divots or holes larger than 1/4″ in diameter, Mr. Begley recommends using a concrete or vinyl patching material to fill the recessed area.  “Filling divots and holes that are larger than 1/4″ across is quick and easy.  It keeps the end-result of the tile or mat installation smooth and professional in appearance.”

4. Tire Marks

Finally, it is recommended that one take note of any tire marks on surface of the garage floor.  Such marks are caused by 6ppd, a unique chemical used most commonly as an anti-ozonant.  Somewhat rare, 6ppd is added to only about 10-15% of tire rubber as a means of slowing degradation from ozone gases.

“BLT manufactures roll-out mats and tiles that are incredibly effective in sealing and protecting concrete floor surfaces,” Mr. Begley explains.  “But if you have tires made of rubber containing 6ppd, the tires could leave marks on the mats and tiles just as they would on uncovered concrete.”

BLT recommends using black or grey garage flooring products on surfaces that have tire marks.  Choosing these colors tends to make tire marks less visible.

Post-Installation:  Benefits of Garage Floor Tiles and Mats

Are you having trouble deciding between garage floor mats, tiles, or epoxy sealants for your garage floor?  If so, consider the following advantages of BLT garage floor mats and tiles:

1) Minimal Preparation Required: A thorough sweeping of the floor surface is all that is needed prior to installation.

2) No Acid Wash Necessary: Other comparable floor coverings may require a pre-installation acid wash, further increasing project cost and turnover time.

3) Ease of Installation: Garage floor mats are cleanly rolled out to cover the designated garage floor area.  Minor cutting and trimming may be required to fit around unique steps, posts, and other facility fixtures.  Tiles are just as easy to install; simply peel and stick to cover floor spaces as desired.

4) Floor Preservation: BLT garage floor mats and tiles are non-porous and highly effective in protecting concrete floor surfaces from deteriorating due to corrosive road materials such as antifreeze, oil, salt, and battery acid.

5) Hides Cracks and Stains: Roll out mats and garage floor tiles transform old, cracked, and stained concrete into aesthetically pleasing work spaces.

6) Anti-Fatigue Benefits: The special construction of these garage flooring products stimulates the muscles in the feet, legs, and lower back to stimulate blood flow and combat fatigue!

Better Life Technologies:  Covering Your Tracks Since 1998

The seed for Better Life Technologies (BLT) was planted during the winter of 1998 in Kansas City.  The Situation:  Brett Sneed walked in his home from the garage, tracking winter slush, dirt, and grime all over his wife’s white carpeting.

Needless to say, she was not very pleased.

Over the next two months, Brett searched for a garage flooring product that would protect floors from dirt, grime, and oil.  He wanted something that was easy to install and clean, but he ultimately came up empty handed.

Taking matters into his own hands, Brett worked to develop the perfect garage floor protection product.  Six months late, the BLT line of garage floor mats, tiles, and other products was born.  Since 1999, BLT has grown to become one of the industries most popular, innovative, and widely trusted manufacturers of garage flooring products.

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