What are the Best Garage Floor Mats?

Garage Floor Coverings- What to Consider Prior to Purchase

When people hear the word “garage” they often picture a dreary, oil-stained warehouse with landmines of puddles and power tools scattered about. But that’s not you, right? You’re either a car enthusiast or a business owner with a clear vision of what a garage SHOULD look like. It should be clean, organized, and most importantly, […]

Garage Floor Tile and Mat Installation Tips from Better Life Technologies

Garage Floor Tile and Mat Installation

Mr. David Begley of Better Life Technologies joins the Eagle Mat Blog for this exclusive guide to professional garage flooring installation.  Better Life Technologies (BLT) manufactures the industry’s most resilient and easy-to-install garage floor coverings. “One thing people should know is that our garage flooring products are very easy to install,” Mr. Begley explains.  “You […]