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Eagle Mat and Floor Products

Locker Room / Pool Mats

Locker room floor mats and pool mats are an essential means of making wet areas safe. Environments that may become dangerous when wet include water parks, backyard pools, and marinas. These areas may experience high levels of traffic. It is important to use rubber drainage mats to keep these areas clean, dry, and safe. Failure to maintain safety in these areas could result in personal injury and liability. A pool mat is a simple yet effective way to manage water accumulation. Pool mats funnel water away from such areas to increase traction and safety. Our collection includes models that feel soft underfoot. Eagle Mat is proud to also offer low profile rubber drainage mats that are ADA compliant and ideal for shower stalls and deck areas!

  • Vinyl Sponge Pool Mat

    Vinyl Sponge Pool Mats trap and contain moisture beneath the surface to add safety to the pool area!  Control water accumulation and prevent slips-and-falls with these vinyl pool mats.

    • Comfortable under bare feet!
    • Now available in 3/8" and 1/2" thickness.
    • Features a unique "spaghetti string" pattern of vinyl loops.
  • Turtle Tile Shower Matting

    Turtle Tile Shower Matting raises walking surfaces to facilitate water transportation below.  Keep walkways and other large areas dry and safe!

    • Available in 14 vibrant colors.
    • Piece tiles together seamlessly for custom applications.
    • Go Green with these 100% recycled PVC plastic drainage tiles!

  • Rubber Drainage Mat

    Rubber Drainage Mats feature a resilient multi-directional surface that effectively cleans away dirt and grime.  Surface is elevated and features large holes for easy drainage!

    • Meets all ADA requirements.
    • Made of 100% heavy-duty Nitrile rubber.
    • Anti-slip skid resistance for added safety.
  • Soft Floor Drainage Mat

    Soft Floor Drainage Mats are heavy-duty construction rubber drainage comfort mats that feel great even on bare feet.  Perforated holes provide excellent drainage below the mat and away from the walking surface.

    • Grease proof and anti-microbial treated.
    • Soft Floor comes 7/16" thick for superior comfort.
    • One of our softest feeling all rubber construction anti-fatigue mats.
  • Versa Runner Locker Room Matting

    Versa Runner Locker Room floor mats feature a low profile that easily accommodates traffic from carts and other wheeled objects.  These locker room floor mats have large 5/16" x 3-1/4" slotted perforations that deliver superior drainage in wet areas.  Great for spa areas!

    • Large surface slots for fast drainage.
    • Custom sizes are available.
  • Safety Grid Pool Matting

    Constructed of non-porous PVC plastic, Safety Grid Pool Matting features an aggressive top surface that provides premium traction and drainage abilities!  Built to last, these pool mats are resilient and comfortable under bare feet. These mats are particularly great as locker room floor mats.

    • Comes 1/2" thick.
    • Long-last resilient construction!