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Entrance Mats / Runners

Entrance mats are essential additions to any facility. Our high quality front door mats are available in a range of materials including carpet, vinyl link, and rubber. Slip-and-fall accidents are common and cause businesses an inordinate amount of time and money. Entrance floor mats are the best way for a business to proactively avoid such accidents and liability claims. Intelligent use of outdoor mats and front door mats is the best way to increase safety. Moreover, these floor mat installations remind your guests that they are entering a clean and professional workplace that values visitor safety.

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Premier Entrance Mats

  • Premier Carpet Mats

    Premier Carpet Mats are the highest quality indoor carpet floor mats in the industry today. Our most popular rubber back carpet mat features a tightly woven plush carpet surface for superior comfort and functionality.

    • Dense, most plush carpet surface.
    • Ultra-Twist heat-set nylon yarn traps the toughest dirt and debris.
    • Perma-Dye dying technology for long lasting color shine that won't fade.
  • Plush Carpet Mats

    Plush Carpet Mats are the thickest and most durable indoor high quality mats that are also Launderable. The extra thick rubber backing makes these mats heavier and longer lasting than all other carpeted rubber backed mats in the industry.

    • Premium Solution Dyed Nylon Yarn.
    • Great for indoor use and can handle high foot traffic areas.
    • Soft and thick Plush surface.
  • Berber Supreme Entrance Mat

    Berber Supreme Entrance Mats feature the distinct high-low Berber surface pattern.  This door mat is the industry standard in protecting against dirt and moisture accumulation. 

    • Great for entrance areas, vestibules, and elevators!
    • Ideal for heavy traffic both inside and out.
    • Unmatched aggressive dirt, debris, and moisture protection.
    • Distinct surface pattern is popular in hotels and Class A buildings.
    • Mat features commercial grade Nitrile rubber backing for superior durability and longevity.
  • Berber Supreme Brush Mat

    Berber Supreme Brush Mats offer the same style and uniqueness of our Cocoa Mats.  This mat is a Berber-made alternative to the Cocoa door mat.

    • Ideal for heavy traffic, both indoors and outdoors.
    • Textured bristle surface for excellent traction and dirt protection.
    • High grade rubber backing, for superior durability and weather proofing.
    • Fine bristle weave fibers and coarse non-fading / shedding textured surface.


  • Berber Deco Rib Mat

    Berber Deco Rib Mats are one of our most entrance floor mats.  Deco Rib represents one of the most effective options for trapping dirt and moisture at the door. 

    • Door mat features distinct Berber high-low nub design.
    • Weather Proof Ultra Violet stabilizers prevent color fading for outside use.
    • Aggressive high-low ridge surface design allows dirt and moisture to fall below the surface of the mat.


  • Waterhog Classic

    Waterhog Classic Floor Mats has set the standard for floor mat and entrance matting.  The patented raised-square waffle pattern combines the best functionality with an aesthetically pleasing surface design. 

    • Environmentally friendly with 20% recycled content.
    • Ideal for moderate to heavy traffic environments both inside and outdoors.
    • Waterhog Classic door mat Water Dam border holds 1.5 gallons of water per sq. yard.
    • Polypropylene crush resistant pattern quickly dries moisture while trapping dirt and debris below the walking surface.


  • Waterhog Fashion

    Waterhog Fashion Floor Mats offer a unique matching fabric border to our Waterhog Classic door mat. The patented raised-square waffle pattern combines the best functionality with an aesthetically pleasing crush resistant surface design.

    • Economically friendly with 20% recycled content.
    • Polypropylene nubs quickly absorb and contain moisture.
    • Unique “waffle” design funnels dirt / debris below the mat’s surface.
    • Ideal for moderate to heavy traffic environments both inside and outdoors.


  • Waterhog ECO Premier

    Waterhog ECO Premier is one of the most Eco-Friendly floor mats on the market today!  The crush resistant diamond pattern and straight ridge design aggressively traps dirt and moisture below the walking surface. 

    • 100% recycled material!
    • Door mat effectively absorbs dirt and moisture
    • Mat features Weather Proof polypropylene fabric
    • Ideal for moderate to heavy traffic areas both indoors and outdoors.
  • Waterhog ECO Elite

    Waterhog ECO Elite is constructed of 100% recycled plastic water bottles, making it one of the most Eco-Friendly floor mats on the market today. 

    • Mat construction:  100% recycled material!
    • Weather Proof polypropylene fabric enables outdoor application.
    • Ideal for moderate to heavy traffic areas both inside and outdoors.
    • Water Dam technology capable of holding up to 1.5 gallons of water! 
    • Crush-resistant herringbone pattern aggressively cleans dirt and debris.
  • Waterhog Masterpiece

    Waterhog Masterpiece is constructed with a raised ridge basket-weave design that traps dirt and moisture deep below the mat’s surface. 

    • Mat construction features crush resistant polypropylene fabric.
    • Water Dam border allows for quick drying that will not fade or rot.
    • Ideal for moderate to heavy traffic in both indoor and outside applications.
    • Rubber backed reinforced borders increase strength and durability to the floor mat.
  • Micro Guard

    Micro Guard matting is treated with AEGIS Microbe Shield technology to guard against degradation from microorganisms, reducing odor emissions in entryways and other high traffic areas. Antimicrobial system is permanently bonded to each carpet fiber, providing longevity and effective lifetime control of odors.

    • Special Microbe Shield technology eliminates the toughest odors.
    • 100% Nitrile rubber backing for superior traction control.
    • Certified "high traction" by the National Floor Safety Institute.
    • Clean by vacuuming or ask about our commercial laundering service!
    • Comes in 3 vibrant colors: Blue Marble, Grey Marble, and Maroon Marble.


  • Classic Brush

    Classic Brush Floor Mats have stiff monofilament tufts that are woven into the surface of the carpet mat.  These “tufts” provide added scraping action and cleaning ability. 

    • Monofilament tufts add aggressive shoe scraping action.
    • 100% Nitrile Rubber backing for superior skid and slip resistance.
    • Coarse nylon fiber added to the yarn is great for maximum cleaning and traction control.
  • Waterhog ECO Elite Roll Mat

    Cover large floor spaces while reducing environmental impact with our Waterhog ECO Elite Roll Mat!  Matting features herringbone design for aggressive multi-directional cleaning! 

    • Tough Nitrile rubber back for slip-resistance.
    • Waterhog herringbone pattern adds to the decor of any application.
    • Custom sizes available!
  • Waterhog ECO Grand Premier - One-End

    Made of 100% PET recycled bottles, our Waterhog ECO Grand Premier - One-End are the perfect addition to any Eco-Friendly building! 

    • Certified LEED product
    • Earn LEED certification points with purchase and use!
    • Exclusive Water Dam keeps dirt and debris contained
  • Waterhog ECO Grand Elite - One-End

    Extend a warm and stylish welcome to your visitors with the Waterhog Grand Elite - One-End mat!  Made of 100% recycled content, this entrance mat features crush-resistant ridges that clean dirt and contain debris!

    • Earn LEED credits with this Certified LEED product!
    • Green recycling symbol woven into mat surface
  • Waterhog ECO Grand Premier - Half Oval

    Waterhog ECO Grand Premier features a half oval design to compliment those first two steps inside or outside a door entrance. The stylish half oval design is a fashionable take on ordinary front door mats.

    • Ideal for moderate to heavy traffic.
    • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.
    • 100% recycled content makes it the most Eco-friendly product on the market.
    • Patented Waterhog crush resistant polypropylene surface is guaranteed to quickly dry moisture accumulation!
  • Waterhog ECO Grand Elite - Half Oval

    Waterhog ECO Grand Elite features a half oval design to compliment those first two steps inside or outside a door entrance.  The stylish half oval design offers a different and unique look to common day door mat.

    • Made of 100% recycled content!
    • Ideal for moderate to heavy traffic.
    • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.
    • This Waterhog is one of the most Eco-friendly mats on the market!


  • Waterhog ECO Grand Premier - Two-End

    This two-ended mat is ideal for both commercial and residential entryways!  Our Waterhog ECO Grand Premier - Two-End mats deliver effective cleaning, dirt control, and stylish decor to a wide range of commercial and residential settings.

    • Earn LEED certification points with this product!
    • Ideal for indoor/outdoor use
    • 100% recycled surface / Eco-Friendly construction!
  • Waterhog ECO Grand Elite - Two-End

    The Waterhog ECO Grand Elite - Two-End is essential in covering large floor spaces in lobbies, reception areas, and outside entryways.  Featuring the unique Waterhog crush-resistant ridges, these eco-friendly floor mats effectively clean and contain even the toughest dirt and grime!

    • Use this product and earn LEED certification points!
    • For use indoors or outdoors
    • Made entirely of post-consumer recycled content!

Standard Vinyl Back

  • TNT

    TNT carpet mats feature a plush Olefin yarn construction that makes for a soft cushioned walking surface! 

    • A high quality mat at an economical price.
    • Mildew and stain resistant, these carpet mats are easy to clean.
    • Ideal for moderate traffic for indoor applications or partially exposed outdoor areas.


  • Chevron

    Chevron Entrance Mats feature a solid chevron design for excellent scraping action for moderate traffic in all directions. 

    • Easy to clean!
    • Vinyl back stabilizers keep the mat firmly in place.
    • Ideal for moderate traffic indoors or under covered outdoor applications.
    • Chevron ridges effectively scrape dirt and debris from all directions.
    • Rows of chevron ribs trap dirt underneath the walking surface of the mat.
  • Ribbed Entrance Mat

    Ribbed Entrance Floor Mats are constructed are designed to trap dirt and moisture below the walking surface of the mat, leaving your front door mat looking clean, leaving contaminants at the door.

    • Ideal for moderate traffic.
    • Our most popular vinyl-backed mat!
    • For use indoors or in partially exposed outdoor areas.
    • Ribbed entrance floor mat cleans aggressively and effectively.
    • Aggressive high-low ridge surface design allows dirt and moisture to fall below the surface of the mat.
  • Diamond Design Entrance Mat

    Diamond Design Entrance Mats feature a slightly raised high-low diamond nub design.  The tightly woven polypropylene yarn and stable vinyl backing make this and ideal aesthetically pleasing entrance mat while providing tough scraping functionality in moderate trafficked areas.

    • Recommended for indoor applications.
    • Excellent matting product on an economical budget.
    • Sturdy vinyl backing and border secure the mat firmly in place.

Outdoor Rubber Mats

  • Rubber Scraper Mat

    Our Rubber Scraper Mat features a 100% Nitrile rubber construction that is made to last!  Raised rubber cleats effectively clean foot traffic while trapping debris below the mat's surface.

    • Strong and resistant to sliding
    • Great for outdoor application!
    • Rubber Scraper Mats are available in two different patterns (for most sizes), including Oblong and Multi-Directional!
    • Anti-microbial for odor prevention and protection from micro-organisms
  • Rubber Pronged

    Rubber Pronged entrance mats feature thousands of dense co-polymer rubber scraping fingers that effectively removed pounds of dirt from sight and hold it underneath the walking surface.

    • Available in a wide variety of sizes to fit virtually any outdoor entrance!
    • Keeps your vestibules, lobbies, and other interior areas clean during the worst weather conditions
  • Rubber Drainage Mat

    Rubber Drainage Mats feature a resilient multi-directional surface that effectively cleans away dirt and grime.  Surface is elevated and features large holes for easy drainage!

    • Meets all ADA requirements.
    • Made of 100% heavy-duty Nitrile rubber.
    • Anti-slip skid resistance for added safety.
  • Soft Floor Drainage Mat

    Soft Floor Drainage Mats are heavy-duty construction rubber drainage comfort mats that feel great even on bare feet.  Perforated holes provide excellent drainage below the mat and away from the walking surface.

    • Grease proof and anti-microbial treated.
    • Soft Floor comes 7/16" thick for superior comfort.
    • One of our softest feeling all rubber construction anti-fatigue mats.
  • Tire Link Door Mat

    Tire Link Door Mats are manufactured using recycled rubber and galvanized steel rods for reinforcement.  These eco-friendly floor mats are heavy-duty and virtually indestructible.  Designed to hold the same weight for transporting horses and cattle on the floors of caravans, this Tire Link mats are built to last.

    • 100% recycled rubber and 12-gauge galvanized steel construction.
    • Designed to scrape away the toughest of dirt and debris, leaving remnants below the surface of the mat.
  • Chesapeake Turf Recessed Mat

    Chesapeake Turf Recess Mats provide superior dirt scraping action with its twisted crimp fibers and firm polypropylene fiber blend interweaved into the surface of the mat.  Firm polypropylene fibers effectively remove dirt and debris from the soles of shoes, keeping your lobbies clean and dry.

    • Stiff, upright polypropylene fibers provide sturdy footing above the moisture and debris.
    • Heavy-duty vinyl backing.
    • Easy to clean!
  • Vinyl Link Door Mat

    Vinyl Link door mats are manufactured using rectangular links that are bound together with industrial strength galvanized steel rods.  The galvanized steel construction and vinyl links provide for superior long-lasting durability while offering a slightly different look for your entrance or door way. 

    • Great for the military!
    • Made for highly trafficked areas both indoor and out.
    • Galvanized steel construction and vinyl links provide long-lasting durability.
    • Comes approximately 3/8" thick