Hemingway Desk Mats

Feeling stuck, tired, and fatigued at your desk? If you are like most Americans, your work day begins at 9am and drags through 5 or later. Most business professionals spend a majority of time sitting at a desk, often on a chair with minimal ergonomic support. Aches and tension build in the lower back, neck, and shoulders, making it a challenge to find the creativity needed to produce truly exceptional work.

Just how bad is sitting all day? Most health professionals agree that it causes serious body alignment and circulatory issues. The pervasive health issues caused by sitting for long hours has even been called the “new smoking” in Silicon Valley, where tech companies are often built by teams of workers who seem tethered to desks and computer monitors. The “sitting problem” has become so clear, in fact, some executives plan walking meetings to keep employees engaged and healthy.

Not all businesses have the luxury (or environment) conducive to walking meetings, however. And most work still requires traditional tools like a desk and computer. For these scenarios, the Hemingway Desk has become an extremely popular compromise.

What is a Hemingway Desk?

A Hemingway Desk is a classic standing desk that enables employees to write, type, read, and perform a variety of other job related tasks while on their feet. Hemingway Desks are named for American author and Nobel Prize winner Ernest Hemingway, a man who was known to spend long hours typing away at a traditional standing desk. Hemingway was not the only well known writer to use a standing desk, however.

Who Uses Hemingway Desks?

Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens and countless other writers are known to have had a preference for standing (and sometimes even strolling) to get the creative juices flowing.

Today, the tradition of the Hemingway Desk lives on. Modern Hemingway Desks sometimes even feature an electric motor so the surface can be smoothly lowered to the height of a traditional desk. Both manual and electric Hemingway-style desks are popular amongst many professionals, including:

  • Architects
  • Graphic Designers
  • Financial Analysts
  • Marketing Executives
  • Customer Service Agents
  • Authors, Copywriters, and Journalists

Mats to Use with a Hemingway Desk

Still, Hemingway Desks have disadvantages. While known to promote creativity and idea flow, they also require you to stand throughout the work day, which can be uncomfortable at first. Many often complain of leg, back, and shoulder pain as a result of such a transition. To capture the benefits of a standing Hemingway Desk while minimizing unwanted discomfort, we recommend using anti-fatigue mats for additional ergonomic standing support.

Standing Desk Mats

Before buying an anti-fatigue mat for a Hemingway Desk, it’s important to define the area in which you are working. Consider the difference between commercial areas and office areas. Each requires a unique type of standing desk mat to ensure long lasting comfort that won’t become chipped, frayed, or torn too quickly.

For tips and matting recommendations from our Editorial Team, visit this article on how to find a durable standing desk mat.

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