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Kitchen Mats

Kitchen mats create safe and clean environments for businesses in the food service industry. These are best used in bar areas, food preparation stations, and large refrigerators. Our collections of rubber mats are made of 100% Nitrile rubber for long lasting durability. We proudly offer leading mats by Sanitop, Versa, and Knob Top. We also carry anti fatigue kitchen matting that is a favorite among the restaurant employees and chefs! Eagle Mat is proud to offer ADA compliant floor mats as well. Our Rubber Drainage Mat is ideal for businesses with employees with disabilities. This particular model features a low profile for easy door clearance and is constructed of 100% Nitrile rubber for added skid resistance.

  • Restaurant Kitchen Mat

    Restaurant Kitchen Mats provide traction and drainage in areas prone to spills and moisture accumulation.  Water and debris are effectively channeled below the surface of the mat, keeping walking surfaces clean and safe.

    • Available in 1/2" thickness.
    • Made of durable rubber compound.
    • Beveled safety edges on all 4 sides!
  • Restaurant Kitchen Mat Lite

    Restaurant Kitchen Mat Lite provides excellent drainage and moisture control.  The light weight design of this rubber mat makes it ideal for areas that are routinely moved for cleaning!

    • Available in 1/2" thickness.
    • Beveled safety edges line all 4 sides.
  • Restaurant Premier Kitchen Mat Tile

    Restaurant Premier Kitchen Mat Tiles make it easy to cover large floor spaces!  Tiles are made of a thick and resilient rubber compound. 

    • Easy to assemble.
    • Available in 3/4" thickness.
    • Rubber provides anti-fatigue benefits!
    • Anti-microbial technology inhibits bacterial and fungi growth (Red colored models only).


  • Restaurant Supreme Kitchen Mat

    Restaurant Supreme Kitchen Mats provide maximum anti-fatigue relief ideal for a number of commercial settings!  The thickest kitchen mat available on!

    • Comes 7/8" thick
    • Black colored models:  1 year warranty.
    • Heavy duty and perforated for fast drainage!


  • Rubber Drainage Kitchen Mat

    Made of 100% skid-resistant Nitrile Rubber, this heavy duty mat is sure to stay in place while providing excellent drainage capabilities.  At just 3/8" thick, this mat has an easy clearance that meets all ADA requirements. 

    • Meets all ADA requirements!
    • 3/8" thick for easy door clearance.


  • Soft Floor Drainage Kitchen Mat

    Soft Floor Drainage Kitchen Mats are designed to bring a new level of comfort and safety to the kitchen! Made with an exclusively all-rubber construction, these mats feature rows of medium sized perforations to allow liquid drainage in wet and semi-wet kitchen areas.

    • Comes 7/16” thick.
    • Made with 100% Nitrile rubber.
    • Comfortable enough for bare feet!
    • Treated: This mat is grease proof and antimicrobial.
    • Provides long-lasting ergonomic and anti-fatigue relief.
  • Comfort Zone Kitchen Mat

    Comfort Zone mats are grease proof, easy to clean, and feature anti-microbial technology that inhibits bacterial or fungal growth.  Easy to install and made of 100% solid Nitrile rubber!

    • Comes in 5/8" thickness.
    • Superior Anti-Fatigue properties!
    • All 4 sides are beveled for added safety.
    • Large drainage holes for effective water and liquid management.


  • Versa Runner Kitchen Mat

    The ideal low-profile drainage mat for kitchens!  Perfect for use in areas that may experience cart traffic.  Versa Runner matting come 3/8" thick and are available in custom sizes.

    • Large slotted holes facilitate fast water drainage.
    • Anti-Fatigue properties keep employees feeling fresh!
    • Custom sizes are available.


  • Knob Top Kitchen Mat

    Knob Top mats are low profile, grease resistant, and made of 100% Nitrile rubber. These mats provide excellent drainage while remaining resilient and skid-resistant. 

    • Great for use in areas that may experience cart traffic.
    • Tough yet comfortable 100% Nitrile rubber construction.
    • Underlying "squeegee" ribs provide comfortable Anti-Fatigue relief!


  • Freezer Mat: Extreme Temperatures

    Protect your freezer floors with these heavy-duty rubber mats!  Our Freezer Mats are tough, resilient, and made to last.

    • Resilient construction to endure long-term use
    • Tested to withstand temperatures as low as -45°F