Fighting Fatigue with Ergonomic Matting Solutions

Fighting Fatigue with Ergonomic Matting SolutionsLast month, we announced our Fight Fatigue in February campaign to help businesses hedge against one of the most preventable costs of doing business: Worker fatigue.

In January of 2009, the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine wrote that an overwhelming 40% of American workers suffered from workplace fatigue. The published study, along with several others, demonstrated another perhaps more alarming connection.  That connection shows worker fatigue costs businesses several billion dollars each year due to corresponding declines in concentration and performance.  Our Fight Fatigue campaign served to spread awareness for this statistic and promote the most cost effective means of reducing it: Anti-fatigue mats. It is our pleasure to announce that the sale was a great success, and we are excited to extend a warm welcome each of our new clients!

If you missed the sale, it’s not too late! We still offer an exceptional collection of the industry’s most popular and effective industrial-strength anti-fatigue mats. We welcome readers to shop our commercial floor mat online store for an unparalleled selection of fully customizable safety matting and other property management products. For those interested in additional information regarding worker fatigue and methods of prevention, the article below has been published to assist in hedging against the danger and fiscal costs of fatigue in the workplace.

Editor’s Pick: Anti-Fatigue Mats for Today’s Workplace

After a very successful anti-fatigue promotion last March, our editorial staff has assembled the following list of “most popular products” to help prevent worker fatigue:

  • Marble Top Anti-Fatigue Mat: Available in lengths of up to 75 feet, it is hard to imagine an environment in which the Marble Top Anti-Fatigue mat could not be effective. This product is a popular choice among many types of commercial businesses, ranging from banks to production facilities.
  • SMART Top Anti-Fatigue Mat: This is the clear, “smart” choice for LEED projects and other Earth-conscious businesses. Our SMART Top Anti-Fatigue Mat is made of 100% recycled urethane material that is available in thicknesses of up to 1”. Built to last, this highly effective mat is available in 4 vivid colors that are sure to complement most elements of interior décor.
  • UltraSoft Diamond Plate: Our UltraSoft Diamond Plate is a popular choice among production facilities for the extra-grip provided by its diamond plate surface texture. Made with a Nitricell sponge base, this mat is available in custom lengths of up to 150 feet to ensure large manufacturing floor spaces may be covered with ease.
  • Diamond Plate with GritWorks: Another popular product among production / manufacturing facilities, our Diamond Plate with GritWorks Anti-Fatigue mat provides standing workers with comfortable relief during long working shifts.
  • Corrugated SpongeCote Anti-Fatigue Mat: This mat is manufactured with 50% recycled material, making it a superb option for Earth-conscious businesses. Our Corrugated SpongeCote mat is made of a unique combination of Nitricell sponge base and PVC that provides muscle stimulation through the feet and legs. Also available with yellow safety border.
  • Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Mat: Made with 100% Nitrile rubber, the Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue mat is one of the best known models in the industry. Available with green, orange, or red colored safety borders, this mat is an ideal addition to busy manufacturing areas and assembly stations. For a fully customized touch, the Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Logo Mat is also available.

Fight Fatigue with Anti-Fatigue Mats

Employee comfort is a critical component to any workplace. Comfortable employees are better able to perform their jobs. From arduous physical labor to daily mental problem solving, enhanced employee comfort almost always translates to improvements in production and profitability. In addition, comfort helps to prevent premature worker fatigue and the negative consequences that abound. These include increases in accidents and absenteeism, to name a couple.

To speak with a customer service representative about retrofitting your facility with ergonomic anti-fatigue products, please call toll free 877-333-1018.