How to Find the Best Fit Chair Mat for Your Office

Anyone sitting on a chair at a desk in an office needs a chair mat. No matter what type of floor there is.

Why do we need chair mats?

Chair mats accomplish a few different things. Chair mats decrease friction on a rough surface like carpet, so the person sitting in the chair can move freely from task to task. Not having a chair mat on a rough floor is guaranteed to give your employee a back ache and will be a constant source of frustration as the employee tries to slide the chair against the friction.

They also give a smooth surface, in case the floor isn’t completely flat like tile with grout.

But most importantly, chair mats protect the floor. If you don’t have chair mats, then over time, the constant back and forth motion of the chair’s wheels or castors will chew up the floor. Without a doubt.

So, how do you select a chair mat?

The first thing to consider is what type of flooring you’re dealing with. Chair mats are divided into two broad categories: carpeted floors and uncarpeted floors.

Once you’ve decided that, then you need to decide what size you need. There’s no limit to office desk configurations. Look carefully at how far the person will need to move in any direction, and the mat should be larger than that.

Err on the side of getting a larger mat rather than a smaller mat. You do not want the person going on and off the mat with the chair if you can avoid it.

Look at the shape needed for the mat. Will the person sit tight up against the desk? If so, you need a piece of the mat to go under the desk. If not, then perhaps a simple rectangular shape will do nicely.

Last, there are mats with beveled edges. If there’s any risk of going on or off the mat, then you may want beveled edges.

The good news is that our chair mats come with a lifetime warranty. Get yourself some good quality chair mats for your employees. There’s nothing like a good chair mat to slide quickly from the keyboard to the file cabinet and then to the phone without missing a beat. Your employees will be so happy.

Happy employees are productive employees. It’s good business to make the employees happy.

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