What Are Corner Guards and Why Are They Important?

What Are Corner Guards and Why Are They Important?

In many aspects of life, “turning a corner” is a positive thing. But in warehouses, industrial facilities, and other buildings with a lot of machines and heavy equipment on the move, turning a corner can result in costly and disruptive damage. Even in apartment buildings and offices, people moving furniture or other items around can run into corners and leave behind a structural and aesthetic mess.

That is why so many business and building owners install corner guards on these vulnerable areas of their interiors. Corner guards not only protect the walls, but they also can serve to prevent damage to the machinery or other items that come into contact with wall corners. These products are a cost-effective way of protecting the value of a building while avoiding the need for expensive repairs.

At Eagle Mat & Floor Products, we offer a wide range of top-quality corner guards suitable for every type of building, including:

  • Gold Titanium Corner Guards that protect corners from high impact collisions with carts, dollies, pedestrians, and heavy packages. These guards are ideal for use in kitchens, restaurants, construction areas, and other high-traffic work environments.
  • Flexible Corner Guards provide complete protection for corners with irregular angles, flexing and accommodating unique corners with up to 10 degrees differential. The low-profile design of these guards offers superior protection without disrupting pre-existing wall design or decor.
  • 90 Degree Clear Corner Guards blend seamlessly into their environment and offer the least amount of design interruption. Use these crystal-clear corner guards to protect wall and corner spaces without hiding original wall texture, color, or design.
  • Tape-On Corner Guards are ideal for use in hallways, corridors, and other areas in which walls and corners must be protected from damage from pedestrian traffic. These guards come with factory-applied double-sided foam tape for easy application. We sell 90-degree textured models, 90-degree bullnose textured models, 135-degree textured models

If you want to make an investment in your facility that will more than pay for itself, consider installing corner guards at strategic, high-traffic locations. To learn more about corner guards and to explore the best options for your business or building, contact Eagle Mat & Floor Products’ knowledgeable sales team today at 1-877-333-1018.