The Best Floor Mats for Factory Workers

Floor Mats for Factory WorkersSlips, trips, and falls represent the most frequent cause of industrial accidents, and they are responsible for 15% of accidental deaths. There are lots of ways to cut down on this statistic with the addition of floor mats in your factory.

Here are some of the ways you can use mats in your factory to make the area generally safer and make the employees happier:

  1. Rubber Mats are great for any kind of wet areas. These mats allow water to drain through them and be channeled away in order to give employees greater traction.
  2. Anti-fatigue Mats are for places where employees are standing long hours. Some of these mats have beveled edges and are corrosion- and chemical-resistant properties. Standing for a long time on hard surfaces is hard on people’s joints and bad for their circulation. Employees feel better standing on anti-fatigue mats.
  3. Anti-static Mats are for wherever you need protection from electrical discharge. These mats can absorb 30,000 volts and protect your delicate machinery.
  4. Entrance Mats or runners could go near the executive offices or anywhere the public comes in with wet or dirty shoes. These types of mats add traction and prevent dirt from being tracked everywhere.
  5. Chair Mats belong wherever someone is behind a desk sitting in a chair with wheels. These mats help the chair glide from task to task without destroying the flooring underneath.
  6. Sticky Mats are for the entrance to special clean areas. These mats have disposable sticky sheets that trap debris before someone walks into a clean room.

Mats perform all kinds of jobs. They collect dirt and water, increase traction, protect the flooring, and make the employee more comfortable. When employees are safer and happier, they are more productive.

Mats are an inexpensive solution to the major and expensive problem of slips, trips, and falls in the workplace. We have every kind of mat that you may need. Our mats are hard-wearing and easy to clean. Let us help you make your factory safer for everyone.

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