Are STFs Threatening your Workplace?

waterhog-classic_1Slip, trips and falls, also commonly referred to as STFs, have the potential to impair the physical and emotional safety of your employees. Those who suffer from a STF-related injury are not just subject to bodily pain following an accident, but can also experience depression from the injury itself or the medical expenses that follow. Worst case scenario, STFs sometimes result in death.

Major STF incidents at your office doesn’t only affect the employee directly involved. Instead, these accidents tend to distress other employees who fear a potential mishap in the future. Not to mention, the loss of another employee due to injury or death is disheartening and brings down the morale of everyone at work.

Falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.[1] Each year, over 700,000 patients enter the hospital for a fall-related injury. According to OSHA, slips, trips and falls account for 15 percent of all accidental death and fall second to only motor vehicle accidents in cause of fatalities.[2]

In order to best assess whether your workplace might be liable for STFs, review the following dangerous conditions.

Lack of stairway rails

Even with stairway mats installed, employees and visitors can still slip down stairwells. Handrails minimize the probability of slips by adding an extra layer of protection for individuals using the staircase.

Cluttered walkways

Regular maintenance and cleaning of floors and walkways is vital to avoiding tripping and falling. Obstacles, even small and minor hurdles, can lead to a stumbling incident no matter how visible you think they are to the naked eye. Rather than take chances, keep all walkways free and clear of potential obstructions. During interior renovations or maintenance at the office, instruct employees to move about with caution due to potential obstructions like ladders, buckets or handcarts.

Slippery surfaces

Slips typically occur when the coefficient of friction between shoes and the walking surface is below 0.50. When weather and environment are involved, puddles and moisture can lessen the friction between shoes and the floor. Since maintenance staff do not always detect these hazardous conditions right away, installing water-absorbent floor mats decreases the probability of slips related to moisture in the workplace.

Since STFs are a major threat to workplace healthy and safety, implementing forward-thinking strategies and installing products like floor mats and umbrella stands can minimize your risk and liability. For more information on Eagle Mats products, call 877-333-1018 so our representatives can help guide you through the selection process.