Spotlight on Rubber Scraper Mats

rubber scraper matsOur business is commercial mats—for every application. And we have plenty of well-known ones: for example, logo mats that can be printed and Waterhog mats, the industry leader in water-trapping mats.

But we have some terrific mats that aren’t so well-known. Mats that are tough stuff and work hard behind the scenes, but just aren’t as sexy as the ones mentioned above and don’t get as much press. So, we want to introduce you to the Rubber Scraper Mat, our Cinderella mat—a terrific mat that you may not know about.

The Rubber Scraper Mat is made of 100% nitrile rubber (that’s a synthetic rubber.) They come in all different shapes and sizes and three different surface textures: oblong, circular, and multi-directional.

Amazingly enough, these mats can even go in a washing machine, although just hosing them off to clean them works fine, too.

Rubber Scraper Mats are designed to be used outside because they funnel water away from the mat and have holes for drainage. So, they aggressively scrape the bottoms of people’s shoes with a raised cleat design and move the water away.

These mats are also anti-microbial, which cuts down on any lingering odors. Also, if you’re dealing with an exceptionally slippery area, you can upgrade to a Silicon Carbide Grit surface for extra traction.

Nitrile rubber, known as NBR or nitrile butadiene rubber, was invented in the 1930s. It has been around for a long time because it’s great stuff. Nitrile rubber is resistant to heat, water, gas permeability, compression, abrasion, and it has great tensile strength, too. All these good qualities mean that the Rubber Scraper Mat would work great inside in a commercial kitchen, too, where it can withstand the rigors of heavy traffic and plenty of hot spills.

We’re all about safety in the commercial space, and the Rubber Scraper Mat is a great choice for either outside where it can take the temperature changes or inside a kitchen where it can withstand all kinds of hot and cold assaults. This is a durable mat that will provide some serious traction wherever it’s needed and make everyone safer in the process.

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