Office Spring Cleaning Guide

office spring cleaning The spring season is prime time for decluttering, scrubbing, reorganizing and reprioritizing. While many homeowners and renters find inspiration to deep clean their homes in the season of renewal, commercial spaces are no exception. Office spring cleaning is an essential component of running a productive, healthy and safe business.

Office spring cleaning increases efficiency, removes environmental allergens, boosts morale and reduces workplace-related stress. Physical tasks such as cleaning also improves focus, helping workers remain attentive and dedicated to their tasks and goals.

Office spring cleaning is a mission that requires the entire organization to participate, especially when it comes to personal workspaces and ongoing upkeep. According to salary data company Payscale, the typical desk has up to 10 million bacterial microorganisms. This is 100 times more than the average kitchen table and 400 times more than the average toilet seat. Nonetheless, 62 percent of employees eat lunch at their desk and only 20 percent clean their workspace before eating. Encouraging employees to wipe down commonly-used surfaces regularly minimizes office germs and related illnesses that otherwise require time off work.

As a manager or member of the leadership team, you’ll need to set aside enough time for office spring cleaning. You do not need to coordinated employee participation and professional services on the same day, but checking off all commercial cleaning tasks within a reasonable time frame (one or two weeks) is best. Deep cleaning at the workplace is an effective mid-week task when energy levels are typically lower. Workers benefit from physical and mentally-stimulating activities and cleaning helps your entire organization reboot and reenergize harmoniously.

Eagle Mat’s office spring cleaning checklist can be used across industries. Consider the following areas and corresponding chores to tackle sometime in the next few months.

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