Product Spotlight: Marble Top Mat

The Marble Top Anti-Fatigue Mat is among the most popular commercial-grade anti fatigue mats available. Durable and highly effective, the Marble Top is most commonly used in production facilities and industrial settings where preventing floor damage and worker fatigue are both top priorities.

Superior Comfort. At it’s core, the Marble Top mat is made using a unique combination of PVC and Nitrile rubber called Nitricell. Combined, these two elements help to protect floors and relieve fatigue more effectively than other leading mats.

Eco-Friendly. This anti-fatigue mat features 35% recycled content, making it a eco-friendly addition to any facility. Eco-friendliness does not have an impact on effectiveness, as these mats fight fatigue all day long.

Clean. Marble Top mats also feature a special anti-microbial treatment that eliminates microorganisms. The treatment also makes the mat impervious to chemicals and abrasion.

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