Product Spotlight: Hog Heaven Plush

The Hog Heaven Plush Anti-Fatigue Mat is a very popular product among facilities that want to take a proactive step toward a safer and more comfortable work environment. Whether you employ creatives at standing desks or technicians in laboratories, the Hog Heaven line of anti-fatigue mats keeps employees feeling fresh and focused throughout the day. On the home front, the Plush anti-fatigue mat is a favorite because of the exceptionally soft surface. Many customers say it feels great underfoot— though we certainly don’t recommend going barefoot in the office!

When it comes to anti-fatigue mats, the Hog Heaven is a leading product that delivers a few well-known benefits. Some of those benefits include:

Superior comfort. The Plush mat is an anti-fatigue product, however it is also made with the end-user in mind. The unique surface texture is both soft and durable, making the mat as functional as it is comfortable.

Affordable pricing. Hog Heaven mats are known for being reasonable in pricing. They might not be ideal for use in manufacturing facilities, but when it comes to offices, kitchens, and standing workstations, this type of commercial floor mat is more than effective.

Eye catching aesthetics. Functionality is great, but sometimes an office needs equipment and fixtures that complement overall design architecture. Such workspaces find superior aesthetic appeal in the Plush mat by Hog Heaven.

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