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The Best Mats for Standing Desks and Work Stations

The standing desk, mat, and ergonomic workflow trend has taken American businesses by storm. From Washington D.C. to Los Angeles, it seems most businesses recognize the health and productivity benefits of standing at a desk during work.

Naturally, anti-fatigue comfort mats are the sensible complement to standing desks. Making the transition from a sitting desk to a standing desk might increase blood flow, but there are negative consequences of standing all day. Most significant is fatigue, a sensation that slows blood flow, increases muscle tension, and limits productivity.

Readers might be shocked to learn that comfort mats for standing desks are nothing new. In fact, heavy anti-fatigue mats have long been a part of the American industrial and service sectors. These comfort mats are an important part of manufacturing facilities, restaurant kitchens, customer service desks, and other locations where individuals spend a majority of their time standing. They stimulate blood flow, relieve tension, and keep employees comfortable and happy. The thickness of the mats also protects floor surfaces from accruing damage over time.

Buying a Mat for Standing Desk

Is it worthwhile to purchase a standing desk and an ergonomic mat? It certainly is, according to author and business consultant, Nilofer Merchant. In a TEDTalk, Ms. Merchant presented data and analysis to show that “sitting is the smoking of our generation” because it is incredibly unhealthy, yet no one questions it because it is so common.

Standing Can Help. Standing is just one way to get healthier at work. Standing desks and work stations are the two most common ways to stand while working without compromising overall productivity. And when it comes to finding a mat for your standing desk or work station, there are dozens on the market that all function nicely.

Prior to purchase, the most important things to consider are price and size. To help business professionals compare mats for standing desks and work stations, our editors have organized the following 2 lists of popular products. Review the lists, and please share your reviews and/or thoughts in the Comments section below!

Best Mats for Standing Work Stations

Standing workstations require a special type of mat to relieve fatigue. The biggest difference between standing workstations and standing desks is the type of work that is performed. Manual or technical labor is usually conducted at standing workstations, and the labor might involve power tools, abrasive liquids, heavy objects, and other items that require the use of a commercial-grade floor mat.

For more than 30 years, Eagle Mat has seen the following heavy duty anti-fatigue mats bring safety, comfort, and value to the American workplace:

Marble Top Anti-Fatigue Mat – This mat is hands-down one of the most popular anti-fatigue mats for standing workstations and other commercial applications. Built with a Nitricell sponge base for more give and comfort, the Marble Top line of anti-fatigue mats is ideal for use in offices, banks, laboratories, and other dry locations.

UltraSoft Diamond Plate – If you are looking to retrofit a production facility, auto garage, or other commercial space, the UltraSoft Diamond Plate is your ideal anti-fatigue mat for standing stations and work areas. Of all the heavy-duty “Nitricell” mats, the UltraSoft is one of the few to offer a double-thick base and unique PVC construction for added longevity. The surface features a diamond plate texture for superior grip and traction, and colored edges increase visibility and safety.

24/7 Drainage Tile – Ideal for “wet environments,” the 24/7 Drainage Tile delivers excellent fatigue-fighting benefits while also facilitating liquid drainage with ease. These tiles piece together like the pieces of a puzzle, making it easy to cover big areas or unique floor spaces.

Best Mats for Standing Desks

Mats for standing desks are likewise vital in promoting a healthier and more productive workplace. When used in conjunction with a standing desk, the mats listed below help to reduce fatigue, improve comfort, and fight lower back pain throughout the long workweek.

Foot Lover Anti-Fatigue Mat – Simple yet effective, the Foot Lover is our most economical anti-fatigue mat. This is a popular option for standing desks, as the mat is both affordable and comfortable.

Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Mat – Few mats for standing desks and offices are more popular than those made by Hog Heaven. This classic anti-fatigue mat features a closed cell Nitrile and PVC cushion that is resistant to oils and chemicals. One of our best selling anti-fatigue mats, this model is ideal for standing desks, labs, service desks, and other areas were employees spend a majority of time on their feet.

Hog Heaven Plush Anti-Fatigue Mat – The Plush mat by Hog Heaven is another great option for a standing desk mat. This mat features the same fatigue-fighting construction as the Hog Heaven mat above, but as an added bonus, the surface of the mat is topped with a layer of Hog Heaven Plush fabric. Soft and soothing enough to work barefoot, this mat is ideal for both office and home.

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