Preventing Accidents with Poolside Safety Mats

With summer right around the corner it is time to gear up for very fun and wet pool days! Swimming pools and waterparks are a great way to relax, enjoy the weather, and get some exercise. Unfortunately, they can also be somewhat dangerous. Did you know that as pool or waterpark owner, you can be legally responsible for any pool accidents or injuries that occur?

Property owners are held responsible for all incidents that occur within their premises, especially the behavior of minors.  It is prudent for property owners to conduct a safety risk assessment testing the hazards of the pools and providing solutions in order to protect all of their patrons while protecting themselves from potential liability suits that could happen after an accident.  There are several precautionary methods that proprietors could implement in order to make their pool a fun, but safe place.

It is important to use rubber drainage mats to keep these areas clean, dry, and safe. Failure to maintain safety in these areas could result in personal injury and liability, which we want to avoid at all costs! A pool mat is a simple yet effective way to manage water accumulation. In addition, poolside mats funnel water away from such areas to increase traction and safety.

Pool mats provide a dry, clean, and safe walking surface in an area in which water has completely soaked through making it very slippery. Effective pool mats are designed to drain water through it so that the top surface remains dry. Our collection includes models that feel soft underfoot. Eagle Mat is proud to also offer low profile rubber drainage mats that are ADA compliant and ideal for shower stalls and deck areas!

Here are some of our poolside mats…

Locker room floor mats and poolside mats are an essential means of making wet areas safe. Environments that may become dangerous when wet include water parks, backyard pools, and marinas, which are areas of high traffic levels.

Vinyl Sponge Pool Mats are constructed using a “spaghetti string” vinyl-loop pattern, which effectively traps moisture beneath the surface. Recommended for outdoor entrances, pool areas, or inside locker rooms and shower areas.

Safety Grid Pool Mats feature a slightly more aggressive top surface to minimize slippage while remaining comfortable under bare feet. Slips and falls are kept at bay with textured vinyl ribs, while significant spacing allows for superior drainage of moisture beneath the surface of the mat.

Turtle Tiles are commercial-grade 100% recycled PVC plastic interlocking drainage tiles. Turtle Tiles turn wet surfaces into dry walkways that are safe, sanitary, and easy to clean. Comfortable to walk on with bare feet, Turtle Tile is ideal for saunas, locker rooms, marinas, hot tubs, workout areas, playgrounds, pools, and showers.

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